More puppies coming in 2020
                                 Two of my Lenga's stud dogs are available to breed with your female.

              Call or email me to set up  a day to meet Cooper, who has already produced 2 litters.



 Pick of the litter will be available from my 2 stud dogs, Cooper and Valentino






         Here are some past puppies by Lenga's Bella and Lenga's Riley.







             After 52 years of breeding, I can finally say,  I truly have produced the perfect puppies, in personality and excellent longevity health.  Now you are thinking.......

What is the perfect puppy ? A puppy that is so loyal and bonded with you, that he ignores his natural instincts of chasing a rabbit to come to you when you call  him. He listens to your every word, and obeys. His aim  in life is to always please you. His happiest moments is to lay at your feet while you are working on your computer or watching T.V. He is so in tune with you, he can feel when you are sad and not feeling well, and will come over to you to lie his head on your lap, looking up to you with such unconditional love, devotion, and understanding, with those big brown eyes, you cannot help, but ............smile ! And so much more

These incredible qualities makes my puppies so very special and perfect in so many ways. The kind of personality anyone would want.

    Some dogs come in and out of our lives.............. But a few entwine their heart strings around your soul and stay forever in your heart !






                      Lenga's Legend Zarco Jr Delder Royal  AKC/OFA-Good/CGC/TT/DNA Retired


                                                                                    Here are some black and red past puppies by Zarco

                                                  This is Riley as a puppy














                                                                                                                                                                                                           She found the best place in the house to sleep

E-mail me if you have any questions about my dogs.  

E-mails will be answered the same day they are received






My goal is to give you the dream puppy you have always wanted






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