Lenga's Photo Gallery


Civik's Photo Page

Lenga's Civik with some of her puppies and how they turned out 


Here are Civik's 5th. litter by Champion Lorien's Patron at 6 weeks old

Champion Lorien's Patron is a Canadian Champion

and is OFA Certified with Excellent Hips and Normal Elbows


                        Civik with her 6 puppies                                              Proud Sire: Champion Lorien's Patron

                                                     Jack at 6 weeks old                                                Jack growing up, at 3 months old


                                                                                      Prince at 6 weeks old                             Prince growing up at 4 months old

                                                     Winston at 6 weeks old                                   Winston at 2 months, with his girls

  Maggie at 6 weeks old                                                                                           Maggie at 6 months old



     Miles at 6 weeks old                                                      Miles at 4 months old


                     Starr at 6 weeks old

                      Starr at 6 months old




                  Here are some more pictures of Lenga's Civik and her puppies and how they turned out


                                  Lenga's Civik was also a Show Dog                                                          Lenga's Civik was also a Therapy Dog


                                                Lenga's Jack as a puppy                                                            Lenga's Jack as show dog and adult



                                    Lenga's Thor as a puppy                                                                                     Lenga's Thor as an adult



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