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                                                                                                Photo's of Kota Von Egron

                                                                      Kota's puppies can  also be socialized as Service dog puppies


                                                                  Kota has found her forever home as a Service dog



                                                                                                                                                                           Kota and Zarco Together






                                                                                              Zarco's First Litter with Kota



                                          Kota had 9 big, strong and healthy puppies










                                                                                               Zarco's Second litter with Kota












                                                 Bella                                                                        Calli

                                                   Cookie                                                                   Dylan

                                               Trinity                                                                     Nikita                                                                                                                                                      

                                                            Phoenix                                                                 Zarco


                                                   Bella                                                    Callimine - Future Service Dog

                                                        Cookie                                                             Dylan












These are Zarco's  third litter with Kota

                                     Male Puppy                                                                            Male Puppy

                                           Female Puppy                                                                               Male Puppy

                                               Male Puppy                                                                                Female Puppy

                                                  6 week old Bear                                                             6 week old Lucy

                                             6 week old Houdini                                                                    6 week old Kino

                                                6 week old Rocky                                                                  6 week old Rozlyn


                                                                                Zarco and Kota's puppies growing up











                                                       This is a black and red male from Zarco and Kota, called Houdini



                                                                           Lenga's Houdini is turning out magnificent


                                                                        These are Zarco's fourth litter with Kota

















                                                                                                    Zarco's 5th litter with Kota

                                   Lenga's Brandy                                                             Lenga's Jasmine

                                                   Lenga's Hansi                                                               Lenga's Jack














                                                                              This is Zarco's 6th. and last Litter with Kota












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