Any puppy you get from me will be socialized with other people, other dogs, and children. I will go over step by step how to socialization. So, you will always have a friendly and sociable puppy, even in adulthood. Plus, you will get a lifetime of consultation and  I will always be here for you in whatever  you might need for the life of your Shepherd.


                                                    Contact me for my  puppy packet. Worth seeing.  

                                      More puppies coming in 2021 or earlier

      Many times people will call me when their female is already in heat.

     Check out my 3 stud dogs, Cooper, Sajan and Jaeger on











                                                               Lenga's Cooper Moon Von Walker 



                                                              AKC/OFA-Good   Lenga's Cooper Moon Von Walker




       This gorgeous black and red, smooth, short coat, and straight back is my number one stud dog, that I will be using for outside females.

   Cooper has already produced 2 big, strong, healthy litters. Pictures available upon request to see the puppies he produced.

  I always have the option of taking stud fee or pick of the litter. If I have someone on my waiting list, that has put down their deposit, then you are on my waiting list, and I will hold this pick of the litter puppy for you.  Puppy packets are mail out upon request with pictures, colored pedigree and information on the Cooper and the female you have chosen.  If you have a female you want to breed, contact me through e-mail or phone. Cooper personality is amazing, and you will totally fall in love with him.

Announcement to other German Shepherd breeders in Southern California.

If you like the looks of Lenga's Cooper and want to breed one of your females to him, to produce those deep red puppies, with gentle, loving, confident, intelligent, and playful personalities, call or e-mail me for my Free puppy packet with all of Cooper's information. He is a deep red, with a  straight back, and has a very strong sex drive, and get's the job done within 5 minutes. He has already produced 4 litters of  big, strong healthy puppies. One female was experienced and the other 3 female were virgins. He does not give up easily. He gets the job done. I welcome you to witness the tie between them. Check the other 2 stud dogs I have on my Stud Service page.



                                                                             This is Riley's and Bella's  litter together






                              Here are some puppies by Riley and Bella from their second litter together





                                  Lenga's Riley and Lenga's Jasmine  litter of puppies together



                                                                                                          Lenga's Jasmine with her puppies


                                                                                               Past puppies by Riley and Jasmine









          Lenga's Von Riley Der Beschutzer and Lenga's Bella Von Luce

                                                                        Riley's and Bella's  litter together  

                         Will be bred again for the exceptional puppies they produced


                                                            Here are some puppies by Riley and Bella


                               Lenga's Bella Von Luce and Ramon Ze Skalnego Wzgorza





                                                                          Here are some of Bella's and Ramon's puppies together



    Lenga's Sir Valentino Von Der Del & Southern Legacy's Freedoms Country Girl


                        Here are some of Valentino's and  Country Girl's pups out of 11 puppies.



                 Lenga's Cooper Moon Von Walker and Mandy Vom De Moreno


    Here are some  puppies that Cooper produced with Mandy. All big, strong, and healthy


         Here are some past puppies from outside female,  Sookie and Lenga's  Zarco



            Here are some of my females with their past puppies.



                                      Here are some of Cookie's and Riley's past personality puppies



                          Here is the second litter of puppies by Lenga's Cookie and Lenga's Riley





                            Lenga's Legend Zarco Jr Delder Royal and Kota Von Egron



                                                       Here are some of Zarco and Kota's personality puppies




                                Lenga's Loyalville Von Civik and Flesh Ars Djenestra



                                                                         Here are some of Civik and Flesh Ars  puppies



                                                        Salhaus Von Lenga's De Kona and Flesh Ars Djenestra





                                                                                            Here are some of Kona's and Flesh Ars puppies






                                              Lenga's Del Lucky Von Oreka and Lenga's Vom Hero Gugentenhaus



                                                                                                   Here are some of Oreka's and Hero's puppies /Called him Duke


                            Lenga's Keira Von Ars De Kona and Lenga's Grand Zarco Vonhaus



                                                                            Here are some of Keira's and Zarco's   puppies



                                                         Lenga's Jilet Tse Lin Von and Timo vom Grimberger Schlob



                                             Here are some of Jilet's and Timo's puppies


       Lenga's Legend Zarco Jr Delder Royal  & outside female, Bella Grace



                                                 Here are Bella Grace and Zarco's puppies
                              Here is Hailey and gorgeous Lenga's Houdini


                                                               Hailey and with her puppies
                                                               Hailey and Houdini's puppies




                                                                          All big, strong, beautiful healthy puppies.




               Lenga's Legend Zarco Jr Delder Royal and outside female Trixie 
        Second litter with Zarco and Trixie produced 12 big, strong, healthy  gorgeous

    puppies.  All gentle and calm pups have gone to their new homes. Both dogs,

Zarco and Trixie are Service dogs, with gentle and calm personalities

                    Here are Zarco & Trixie's first litter of gorgeous puppies




                     Here are Zarco and Trixie's second litter of big, strong, healthy puppies





                                                   Trixie  and Lenga's  Cooper Moon Von Walker
                           Here are some of Trixie and Cooper's sweet, loving, and confident puppies


* Puppy Guarantee *

I guarantee my puppies health, hips, ears to come up, testicles to drop on males, color, size, and most important, personality. My dogs are OFA Certified, and have their Temperament Certificate (TC). They also have their Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC) and their Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC) which tests the good manners of a dog.  Both Lenga's Bella and Lenga's Riley have their CGC & OFA Certified with good hips. 
I stand behind my own pups 100% I train to come, sit and stay. To walk on leash,  and how to use a doggy door to go outside to relieve themselves upon request. Also car train, to lay down quietly in the car while you drive. Your puppy will come home to you well behaved and well mannered when you come to pick up, and all you have to do is keep up the words he or she already knows. Obedience training is an additional $800.00 It has been my experience after 55 years of breeding, that if you spay your female or male, too early it will stunt their growth and maturity, and will cause health issues later on. 

My Puppies Comes
With The Following:

  • 6 Generation Colored Pedigree Certificate
  • Hip Guarantee Certificate
  • Health Certificate
  • Registration Application
  • Colored pictures of Sire and Dam
  • Colored pictures of Grandsire & Grandam  
  • Feeding schedule given
  • Pup's Vaccination History & Schedule
  • Future Dates For Your Puppy's Shots
  • Evaluation Sheet
  • Contract Agreement
  • AKC and OFA Certificates
  • Aptitude Test Done with Evaluation given to new owner
  • Dam's CGC
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • If needed or requested
  • Helene's training techniques
  • Things needed for your puppy
  • Sire's OFA Certificate
  • Include hips and elbows
  • Puppy blanket
  • Puppy toys
  • Puppy blanket
  • Sire's Canine Good
  • Citizen Cerfificate 
  • if available
      • Herding Instinct Certificate from Zarco Jr. Upon request
      • Herding Test Title Certificate from Zarco Sr. Upon Request
      • Canine Good Citizen Certificate - 
      • Temperament Certificates 
      • Upon Request
      • Temperament Title Certificate  
      • Reference Letters upon request
      • Lifetime Consultation and support
      • for the life of your puppy
      • 3 Page Socialization Sheet given to new owner
      • Information on Training your puppy,
      •  step by step
      • Care bag of stuffed animal toys with special prepared puppy food
      • Temperament Test Done with Evaluation given to new owner
      • Personality Test done and evaluation given to new owner
      • Female heat cycle information
      • If needed or requested
      • List of Suggested Registered Name


  •                                      Pictures will be e-mailed to you every day
  •                                     of my own puppies before you come to pick up

    E-mail Me For FREE Photos Of Previous Litters
  • All e-mails are answered


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         Free Puppy Packets are mailed  out to anyone interested in my puppies. Just fill out my contact form for more information






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