Gentle and calm German Shepherd puppies     German Shepherd puppies that are gentle and calm with children       Gentle and calm German Shepherds

                                                                                                  German Shepherds For Children

                      My sweet, gentle and calm puppies are excellent with babies and small children
















                                                   Knight loving Ethan                                                                               Ethan loving Knight




                                  Ethan holding Knight                                                                    Knight giving kisses to Ethan



                                          Trinity being loved                                                                  Bella being loved


 This is Phoenix with her family                                                This is Melissa holding Trinity


           Siena loving Zarco Jr.Jr.Jr. (A Zarco puppy)                           A one year old loving all the gentle puppies

                                        Lenga's Maggie Del Sol as a puppy, with Nick                                    Maggie as an adult with Nick



            Riley with his best friend                             Amy and Jeremy want them all

                                                          Xina and Ziva ( 2 sisters puppies who get along perfectly)

                     This is Hunter, an autistic boy holding his sweet, gentle and calm female puppy from Zarco and Civik

                                                                                                                                                                       This is Sadie with baby Alan

                         Maggie von Miracle as a puppy                                                         Maggie von Miracle as an adult

                          This is Civik                                                                                              This is Sadie and Loki

     Sadie won't leave Alan's side      (Grew up together)      Alan's Mom was pregnant when she got Sadie as a puppy

            Texas being held and loved by Truman                                                Albert, one year old loving Germ

             Seamus growing up with the boys                                                        Jack watching and being protective of baby        


                This is puppy Konna                                                        Grand Dam of Kona, also called                                                                    

      Lenga's Civik starting out as a Therapy Dog                                                           Zarco loves children

         Deuce as an adult                                                                                          Xina sleeping with new owner

     Lenga's Loki babysitting                                                                               Lenga's Legosi babysitting

                Loki and Sadie growing up with baby                                          Duke being protective, but ever so gentle

              Robyn with Max                                                                                        Winston with his  two girls

                Hunter loving Dixie                                                                                        Nick loving Maggie


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