Read More Letters From People That Have Gotten A Lenga Puppy

          Lenga's Riley Der Schonen Seel - Female puppy - Largest puppy in the litter

Hi Helene,

Thank you so much for giving us an amazing puppy. Riley is so good. We went to lunch and she laid at our feet just about the whole time. So great!

She is a very happy, wagging tail puppy. Thanks to your excellent care.  Exploring her new home and playing with Kasey, our other dog.

The ride back was perfect as she slept the whole way. First night was great. She slept in our room all night. Never had an accident. Got up this morning and went outside, no problem.

Crawled back in bed with us and played for 5 minutes then fell back to sleep. She is wonderful. We could not have asked for a better puppy. Couldn't be happier.

Riley is so intelligent with such a gentle disposition. Again, we took her to lunch with us, and she laid at our feet the whole time. She is so smart and knew exactly how to behave. A dream come true.

Thank you for all the loving care you gave her for her to turn out so magnificent. Thank you again and again.

We will be forever grateful,

Kim and Scott


        Lenga's Von Delightfully Sasha - Red female puppy by Cookie and Riley - Very gentle & calm


Reference letter for my beautiful Sasha from Cookie and Riley.


I just purchased a German

 Shepherd puppy from Helene Kohen, Lenga's German Shepherds.  She is a

 beautiful black and red girl named Sasha.  She is the joy of my life. 

 She sits, stays and can walk on a lease quite well at 13 weeks of age. 

 She is so full of life and is such a sweet girl.

 I am so impressed with Helene as a breeder.  Everything she said about

 her puppies are so true.  Helene gives you a training schedule as to

 what you need to do when they reach 10 weeks, 11 weeks, 12 weeks old

and more.  This has been extremely helpful in continuing her training.

 Helene has been great.  When I have any question or concern I have

 called Helene and she is right there to assist me.  Everything she has

 told me to do has helped.  She loves her dogs and loves to be updated

 on their progress.  I send her emails on her progress and also call

 her.  She just loves getting that phone call.  She responds

 to your emails the same day or the very next day.  I can't say enough

 about Helene and wish most breeders could be cloned after Helene.  If

 they were, there would be a lot healthier and a better representation

 of what a  beautiful breed of dog the German shepherd truly is.

 Thank you Helene for allowing me to own one of your puppies.  I will be

 forever grateful to you.

 Kathleen Ettlin

 Fremont, California


                                                                                                    Lenga's Die Goddess Artemis

       Dear Future GSD Owner,

Taking on a puppy is a big responsibility and the first step in that journey is finding the right breeder. I found Lenga's quite by chance, but it was one of the luckier things that has happened to me. First off Helene really cares about her puppies. I have heard horrible stories about people getting dogs from breeder that were less than above board, and I never had even a moments concern about Helene's integrity. Another wonderful thing was that we knew what was going on throughout the entire process. The  many pictures we got before we came to pick up the puppy let us watch her grow from birth. The most important thing to talk about is our puppy herself. The original objective to getting a dog was that because I am planning on going to medical school in a couple of years I didn't want my mom to be alone. A sweet, caring, affectionate, protector is what we wanted. With Artemis we got so much more. I firmly believe she is one of the most beautiful and smartest dogs in the history of forever. I am also confident that every owner of a puppy from any of Zarco and Kota's litters ( or any  Lenga's litter) would say the same. Artemis is also one of the calmest dogs there has ever been. Sure she gets her puppy zooms, but she is mellow otherwise. As an example we picked her up just before 6 days before July 4th and even with everything going on in her new environment she slept through the fireworks. She also couldn't care less about thunder or rain, which shows real confidence.    At 14 weeks old when we are out of the house she will naturally sit between myself and my mom and anyone she seems shady, not in any aggressive way just saying hey I got your back. She is wonderful with kids and so beautiful that strangers stop us on the street to ask about her. I have actually had a car pull over while driving. If you chose to get your puppy from Lenga's your life will be changed in the best ways and Helene will make certain you get the most wonderful dog for you and yours. I want to thank Helene for 4 all she has done for us and wish you the best with your newest family member.


Ana P. Serna




                                                                                                     Lenga's Yzerman Garcon 11 - Gentle and calm male pup


Hi Helene:

I thought I would take this time to write you a quick note of thanks regarding our new puppy. I wanted to let you know how much this fella has lightened our hearts and lives. 

As you know, we lost our first GSD, Yzerman, on November 15, 2015 @ the young age of 8, from spleen cancer. Yzerman was a loveable, gentle giant. He was the best friend I ever had. Both my husband and I were devasted when he passed. Not long after, Joe and I decided we wanted to get another puppy to keep our other GSD, Sedona, company as she never has been alone. I started searching for a reputable breeder and found you through an AKC website. The thing that drew me to you was the fact that you bred puppies for gentle disposition. When I reviewed your website I was instantly in love! My chance to have another "gentle giant" that we could train to be a therapy dog. I requested a puppy packet, you called and we talked. Joe and I decided to put a deposit on a future pick of the litter male. The pups weren't supposed to be ready until March 2016 but we were willing to wait. We were truly excited.

Then one day I got a call from you...... a call that has changed our lives forever. You had an available Lenga male pup that matched all of our requirements. Unfortunately, the lady who was supposed to take him became ill and couldn't take him. Your kindness and compassion truly came through when you thought of us. So on December 12,2015, we drove to California and picked up our pup. 

We decided to name him after our deceased boy, not to replace him, but to carry on his legacy as the best GSD we owned. So, we named him Lenga's Yzerman Garcon II. 

Yzer, as we call him, is a wonderful boy. He's very smart....has wonderful eye contact, and is very, very loving. He wants to be near us day and night. He sleeps with us at night and can be found snuggled under my chin or at the small of my back or touching Joe and I in some manner. During the day, his favorite place to nap is in "daddy's" lap in the recliner. He's a ball of energy and loves to play. He's growing like a weed and is very beautiful. His coloring is excellent and his coat is smooth and soft. We love our boy so much all ready!

We wanted to take this opportunity to say, "Thank you Helene" for giving us the opportunity to love this guy. Your compassion for others is outstanding and you stand behind your promises............and for that we are truly appreciative.

I will send more pictures as he matures. Right now he's 12 weeks old and his ears are almost straight up. 

Hope you are doing well. I will talk with you soon.

Hugs, Cheryl and Joe Palmer from Avondale, AZ.



                                                                                                 Lenga's Rocky Von Majestic

                                              Sweet, gentle & calm male pup from Zarco


"Great things are worth waiting for... and for us it was Rocky. 


Since my son was five years old, all he ever wanted was a puppy of his own. Ten years later, we made his dream come true; we brought home his very own German Shepherd puppy named Rocky. 

Meeting Helene at her house gave us the opportunity to see how much love and care she gives to all her dogs. After ten minutes of being with her, we knew we had found the right breeder. Helene wanted to make sure she matched the dogs personality, to that of his owner. At first I thought it was a bit odd, but now that we've had Rocky for a little over three months, I totally understand why. Rocky is the perfect dog for us. He is mellow, he is playful, a social butterfly that loves when random people come up to him to pet him. 

I will always recommend Helene to anyone who is looking to get an elegant Shepherd with some pretty remarkable genes.

Rocky has changed our lives forever and we are very lucky to have him in our home.

Warm regards form Pedro, Sebastian and ROCKY :-)"






                                               Lenga's Von Lady Del Sena    A sweet gentle & calm puppy by Cookie and Riley



From: Ingrid Olsen 
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 1:47 PM
To: helene 
Subject: Re: Sena Olsen


We love our dog SENA.  She is learning quickly and listens to directions and demands.  She has adjusted well to our household.  Helene was highly recommended to us as a breeder.  She kept us informed while Cookie was pregnant and kept in mind the kind of dog we wanted.  When we visited first we saw how Helene was training the puppies at an early age and how well they were behaved .  SENA came with all the papers and instructions for us to follow and records of breeding.  Her dogs all have excellent breeding .  Little notes and pictures let us follow as SENA was growing until we were able to bring her home at 10 weeks old.  This personal attention and caring was very important to us.  We would highly recommend Helene  as an exceptional breeder.

 Ingrid and Fred Olsen

Note:  All the white on Sena's face has disappeared


                                                            Lenga's Sir Dylan von Der Del

                                               Sweet, gentle & calm male pup from Zarco


Hi Helene,

I am the proud owner of Dylan, the offspring of Kota and Zarco, Jr.  Dylan is a beautiful puppy. He is smart, sweet, and will be a big dog.  Everyone who meets him is very impressed, including the veterinarians.


I also had the opportunity to meet Dylan's parents, and was very impressed by them. Zarco was friendly toward me while being  protective of Kota. (He kept putting his body in between us while wagging his tail and asking me to pay attention to him. He has something of the diplomat about him.). Zarco is a strikingly handsome dog.  Kota is feminine and beautiful. She is very involved with her puppies, but still had time to welcome me to her home.


With such beautiful and sweet parents, these puppies start with the very best that nature has to offer.  Add to this the tender loving care that Hélène provides her dogs and One cannot do better. You cannot go wrong in getting a Lenga's puppy. They are the BEST!


Heather Houston

Vashon Island, Washington


                                                                                        Lenga's Rozlyn Von Derhaus

                                             Sweet, gentle & calm female from Zarco


Hi Helene,

Here is a picture of Rozlyn this morning  while we were doing vet check with our cows. Rozlyn loves her cows, and watches over them.  As you can see she has really grown, and her red coloring is absolutely beautiful.  I was working with her on a leash yesterday in the neighborhood and stop to talk with some neighbors.  They couldn't stop commenting on how well behaved she was along with how pretty she was.  While we were talking the next door neighbor and his youngest son came out side to do some chores. They also came over to see Rozlyn, which they boys and him have already been introduced. His first comment was how much she had grown from the last time he had seen her, and as he was saying that, the boy had plopped down on the grass next to Roz and started petting her.  They were all so amazed how as a puppy she just laid her head on his lap and calmly nuzzled his hands while he pet her.  She is very, very smart and picks things up quickly, just like you said she would. She is with me and Louie ( my chocolate lab ) all day on the ranch so she is exposed to the farm animals a lot. She is protective of them, but never chases them or bits them, but loves to give them kisses, and they don’t mind it, and will stay still for all her kisses. She also has the most wonderful personality. She is playful and very sweet and gentle with small children. She approaches everything with full confidence, and she is the best German Shepherd I have ever had !

Thank you for picking out the perfect puppy for me and my family.

Darren and Tabitha Dias


                                                                                                 Lenga's Del Lady Von Nikita

                                                Sweet, gentle & calm female from Zarco


 Hi Helene!

We are super happy with our new pup Nikita from Zarco Jr and Kota! When we first met Zarco and Kota we were really impressed that both of them have such calm personalities. It made me feel assured that our pup would be mellow like that too. And she is!  She is so mild tempered just like we had hoped and she actually listens to us when we correct her. She already knows the commands sit, stay, come, lie down, no bite, go to your bed, go potty . . . she is so smart. She is also very loving and affectionate and she makes us laugh every day with her sometimes devious or over-dramatic puppy antics. When we have to tell her to go to her bed when she is tormenting our tiny house dog she goes over and does a face plant in her bed just as if she is saying "awe shucks!" - it cracks us up! It is so great to have a puppy that is affectionate and smart and listens to us too! And I just love the way she looks up at me to see what I am wanting from her! My favorite time with her, though, is when she just wakes up or is tired out from the day when she loves to just cuddle and crawl all over me. She is also a beautiful dog and everyone who sees her wants her for their own (no way!). We could not ask for a better puppy!


:) Kevin and Mandy

Atascadero, CA.



                                                                                               Lenga's Bear Von De Lovehaus

                                                Sweet, gentle & calm male puppy from Zarco


Hi Helene,

Sugar Bear from Kota and Zarco is a wonderful dog, and he is doing very well. The continued socialization and training I am doing went so easy for him, thanks to your early socialization and training with him. You are right about this litter being so smart. Bear picks up things so easily, and it is such a pleasure to continue his training. I love him like crazy! You are right, he is the perfect puppy for me. Just to let everyone know. This is the second puppy I have gotten from Helene, because her puppies are the BEST.

Thank you for everything.

Bob Cheslow

Los Angeles, CA.



                                                                                         Lenga's Von Maverick Del Sol


Stephanie & Chris

Santa Ana, CA

May 18, 2011

To whom it may concern,

Chris and I wanted to take this opportunity to share our experience with Helene at Lenga’s German Shepherds and to refer her as an exceptional German Shepherd breeder.

Chris and I started looking at various German Shepherd breeders in February of 2010, but it was not until May that we met Helene at Lenga’s German Shepherd and fell in love with her dogs.  Helene was so helpful in providing Chris and myself with information that would assist us in not only choosing a puppy for our family, but choosing the perfect puppy for our family.  She had shown us how to select our right puppy colors, the right sex, and last but definitely not least the right personality that would fit our family best.  As well, Helene was very open with us, allowing us to come up and visit her ranch and her breeding dogs.  Chris and I absolutely loved Zarco, Helene’s stud dog.  He was a beautiful and athletic German Shepherd who had a beautifully colored red and black coat, gorgeous head, and very clean teeth.  He was very obedient to Helene and impressed us very much.  The instant we met Helene, we knew we wanted to make Helene our breeder.   From what we’ve seen and read from other customers, Helene treats the breeding dogs and their puppies with outmost care!  In the months leading up to receiving our puppy Maverick, Helene provided weekly (sometime even more than once a week) information that was very useful in preparing us for our puppy, Maverick.   She would send us ultrasound pictures of the puppies prior to their birth, information about the breeding dogs, their health status, and pictures.   Helene also sent us questionnaires to complete so that she could better understand what we were looking for in a German Shepherd.   She tested the puppies to see if their personality traits matched our desires.  If anyone could make dog breeding a science or a sporting event at the Olympics, it would be Helene and she would get the gold medal.  There is no doubt about that!  We have never heard of any breeder (anywhere in the US or abroad) that kept any of their customers informed of all the little details and progress of the puppy prior and post birth.

One of the most important qualities for us was having a family dog that would get along with other dogs (in our family) and also be able to spend time with our niece and nephew (who are young kids).  We wanted a dog with a personality, one that stood out from all others, a sharp and smart little puppy that would grow into a beautiful, smart, and powerful German Shepherd.   Helene got us exactly the puppy we had envisioned and hoped for, all the way from the looks to the personality.

Helene understood everything Chris and I were looking for in a puppy, she kept us informed and up to date on the activities of Zarco (Maverick’s father) and Keira (Maverick’s mother).  When Keira gave birth to her litter of eight puppies, she made sure to contact us and send us pictures of the little ones.  When Maverick turned 5 weeks old we were able to go and visit him, Helene we so helpful in going over the feeding schedule and teaching us how to prepare his meals.  At 7 weeks we picked up our new family member Maverick and started the new adventure.  We were worried about how Maverick was going to adjust to his new home, and about how he would sleep.  The first night we brought him to our home, we put Maverick in the other room, but he was not to happy especially because it was his first night in a new place.  After about a minute, we decided to move his bed in our room and told him to go lay down on his bed.  Maverick walked straight to his bed, laid down and went to sleep.  He’s been doing that ever since like the good boy that he is.  Surprisingly, Maverick slept the entire night until 6:00 am the next morning.  Once we got up that first morning, he went outside to go to the restroom, came back in and went to bed until 8:00 am. 

As we changed Maverick’s diet, his little stomach acted up a little bit.  This is typical of puppies, but we didn’t know that so we called Helene.  She was extremely helpful and gave us plenty of useful advice that helped cure our little puppy right away.

When Maverick will be 8 months old, we will be traveling to Europe for our wedding.  Without a doubt, we will miss our puppy while we are gone!  It is very hard to leave the puppy behind, never mind finding the proper establishment to leave him at.  Without a doubt the only acceptable place for our Maverick to be while we are gone, is at Helene’s ranch.  We know that Helene will care for him better that anyone else.

Chris grew up with German Shepherds and I grew up with other dog breeds.  From our combined experiences (and those of our families), we highly recommend Helene because of her knowledge and experience with this breed, her wonderful care and attention to detail, her appropriate facilities at her ranch, and last but not least her love for her dogs.  We love our Maverick, and if we were to do it again, we’d go right back to Helene! 


Two very happy German Shepherd parents, Stephanie and Chris


Second Letter:

From: Stephanie Pearl 
Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 9:53 AM
To: Helene
Subject: Maverick


Greetings Helene,

It’s been a while since we have spoken, I wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing and to let you know how Maverick is doing.  Maverick is 15 months old now and continue to grow and become such a wonderful dog.  Maverick is almost at 100 lbs, he eats very well now and is always up for a good play.  I have to say he is the gentlest dog, especially for his size.  Maverick loves kids and is very gentle around them, he’s always willing to give my niece and nephew or my neighbors kids a kiss or two on the face.  It’s very interesting to see Maverick around my niece and nephew, he follows them everywhere and when they take a nap he sleeps outside the door until they get up (I attached a picture of Mav sleeping outside the bedroom door while my nephew was taking a nap).  Maverick and I go running twice a day, he stays by my side and follows commands very well.  He is also my watch dog, and is willing to tell someone who we don’t know when they are getting too close.  He only does this with me, when Chris is around he lets Chris be the watch man.  Maverick continues to grow into such an amazing dog and family member.  Myself, along with Chris and the rest of our family can’t thank you enough for giving us such a wonderful dog.

Much love,

Chris, Stephanie, and Maverick


Lenga's Von Dixie Belle Del Mar


Dear Helene,

Dixie is doing fantastic.  She is sweet, calm and gentle in the house, and whenever we take her
someplace she is awesome.  She is so attentive toward Hunter, our autistic boy.  My mom was in town last week
and we all went to a wedding on the beach in St. Petersburg.......with Dixie.  She was so good,
with everyone.  All kinds of people asked if they could pet her.  I swear, she looked to us  for permission
to be petted.  She was concerned for Hunter every time they were separated, like when he went to
the food table.  At home Dixie and Hunter play very much, but at night she is first at the door if there
is a knock.  Here are some pictures of her.  Some 15 year old kid at the wedding told us "She is the
prettiest German Shepherd I have ever seen........Anywhere!!!!"   I think he is right.
                Take care, I'll write again soon,

                 Mike Robinson  (Hunter's Father)

     Second Letter from Mike Robinson:


We love her, we love her, we love her, so very much.  Dixie
is such a wonderful addition to our
family.  We recently took Hunter to an amusement park for a couple of days.  Dixie could not
go so we took her to a local breeder that also babysits German Shepherds.  He was so very
impressed.  He said that in his 22 year career of working with German Shepherds, Dixie is
only the third one he has seen with that beautiful color, he calls it a mahogany.  He also said that he has never seen one so gentle and calm around his kids.
"She's gonna be big" and guesses that she will reach 105 to 110 pounds.  I can hardly believe it. You did say, big boned, sweet and gentle.
She is so smart and instantly understands how to be with our autistic boy.  Her biggest concern is always, Hunter.  She cares very much for him and shows
it everyday.  We have been trying to take her lots of places for socialization like you suggested.
I would expect most dogs to act up a little on trips or people visits, but Dixie is always at her best.
I am sending a you a picture of her watching our chickens. She never barks or chases them, just watches them calmly.   We love her more than we could have imagined, thanks to you.
she is so loving and happy.  I can’t thank you enough for our wonderful, Dixie.

She is perfect with our son, Hunter.

                                                           Friends always,
                                                                                   Mike, Kim, Hunter, and Dixie





March 13, 2011

Dear Helene

We have been talking about her and you a lot lately too.
She is way better than we ever could have expected.  She can't quite
talk yet but she is a mind reader.  In the morning she likes to hop up on
the bed to coax Hunter into getting up.  She sounds bored and frustrated
when he doesn't get up right away.  She then makes this really cool low to
high pitch whine really slowly, it's just precious.  I said to Kim today that I
would not hesitate to spend the money to get another one just like her.
Maybe in another year or so, we could do that. 


 Dixie loves to patrol the
yard and our patch of woods.  She thinks that is her job and she does it so
well.  When the UPS guy comes down the driveway she follows him until
he parks and honks the horn for me to come out.  I guess she is a little bit
intimidating to most people.  She is just beautiful though, and everyone
tells me that.  I have been asked a number of times if we were going to
breed her, which would have been cool but we love her so much that we
decided to have her fixed just so she can have fun all the time................
and she does.  We had always wanted for her and Hunter to be close as
companions.  She is so attached to him that she needs to wait in the house
if he decides he wants to be alone, she worries about him the whole time.
We really, quite honestly could not have found a better dog anywhere,
ever.  We have not taken pictures recently but I am sending some that
I don't think you have yet.  We'll send more again soon.
  Thanks again,
so very much for such a wonderful service dog.

                                                        Mike, Kim, and Hunter Robinson


  P.S. Was picked out to match my son's, personality. Was a perfect match!



                                  Lenga's Hawk Austrian Von Borst - Future Stud dog


From: Gary Borst
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 10:46 PM
To: Helene
Subject: Hawk


Hi Helene,  

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated the entire process in receiving one of your puppies, As you know when I lost my shepherd, it hit me more than I could of ever imagined, I still don’t know what it was that caused his passing. When I contacted you via e-mail, I was amazed at how quick of a response I received, that was the beginning of well over one hundred e-mails, and all of them were very pleasant. You would respond when needed, three and four times to one question just to make sure I completely understood, not once did I ever feel pressure in any decisions that I made, and when Civic was not well, you kept me at the top of the list with Hawks mom, Keira. The day I picked up Hawk was a really nice time, my mom was with me, she loved the rock formations and it snowed the day before, so it was really beautiful. You spent so much time with us, going over everything in detail and made me feel so comfortable, and let me know what to send in for his registry, if only I were capable of retaining all of that information, but whenever I had a question after I picked up Hawk, you answered all my e-mails so quickly, and put my mind at rest no matter what the situation was. Hawk was so good when we brought him home, and seemed to retain the early training you did with him.  Hawk is so cool to hang out with, I don’t even want to spend time in the gym anymore, I’m sure that will change when I start embarrassing him in public with my pare shape. He just turned 9 months old and he weighs 95 lbs, so as long as I am on the hot dog soup diet and he gets the filet mignon, he should grow up to be a husky fella, and a handful to wrestle with. Everything is going great, he loves the dog beach and all of the dog parks, in the beginning he would get so excited at the parks, but never lost sight of me, and would always come running when I called him. I played that hide and seek game you suggested, and now  I can’t hide from him for nothing. He is such a smart boy, and always keeps one eye on me at all times wherever we go. You have given me a magnificent Shepherd, and have kept all your promises about his unique personality, which everyone loves, especially me.  I want to thank you again for all you have done for me, I’m having fun now, and that Furminator really works.

Your Friend

Gary Borst  Garden Grove Ca

Owner of Lenga's Hawk Austrian von Borst








                                                                                  Lenga's Trinity von Royalairs Derhaus

                                                Sweet, gentle & calm female from Zarco & Kota

              Back and red Female from Zarco and Kota


To Whom It May Concern,


            Approximately two weeks ago I received a wonderful puppy from Lenga German shepherds.. I am very pleased with the quality and temperament of the puppy .I have been breeding 30 years and don’t believe anyone has given me so much information about a pending litter and updated progress of the puppies so much. I received lots of information about the parents dogs and was updated weekly about the puppies.. I would not hesitate to buy another puppy from Lenga’s in the future. And for me that is saying something. I am very very picky…

                                                Sincerely ,

                                                            Robin Krumm

                                                                        Royalair German Shepherds





                                                                      Lenga's Tahoe von Vogehaus

                                                                            RECOMMENDATION LETTER

If I had to describe Helene as a breeder and a person, I would have to say that she is caring, honest, gifted, and amazing. I feel truly blessed to have found her. I came to find Helene on the internet. Thunder, my German Shepherd passed away in September 2009. Thunder, the product of a backyard breeder, contracted cancer. His veterianarian told me that the cancer he contracted was most likely genetical. He was only 6 years old when he passed away, and I was devastated. In my grief I started looking at web sites featuring German Shepherds. I somehow found myself at Helene's web site. I loved the pictures and descriptions of her dogs and found myself at her web page again and again. In December I contacted Helene. I was pretty sure that when the time was right to get another German Shepherd I wanted one of hers. Helene sent me her puppy package, and kept in touch with me via e-mail. My family and I decided that we wanted a puppy from Keira and Zarco. Helene asked me what was important to me in a German Shepherd. I told her that I wanted an outgoing, smart, fearless, curious, social puppy. How Helene did it, I will never fully understand. Helene matched me with a female, we named Tahoe. Not only does she possess all the attributes I asked for, she is beatiful and well behaved. At eight weeks, Helene had Tahoe potty trained, trained to walk on a leash and trained to sit and stay. Tahoe also knew her name and would come when we called her. Helene really loves these dogs, and it shows. She knows each puppy and it's personality. She works with each puppy socializing them and training them. Doing anything on the internet can be scary. I am also a little leery about letting other people make deisions or make choices for me. Not only would I do it again, but I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a German Shepherd puppy to put yourself in Helene's gifted hands. If you wish to contact me about this recommendation, feel free to e-mail me at:

Lynne Bird

Murphys, CA.

P.S. I also wanted to share this incredible happening with you. This morning, while I was sleeping my husband went out to the backyard. He fell and couldn't get up. Tahoe came into my room howling, whining, and pushing me with her nose until I got up. She has never acted like this before. Tahoe didn't give up, until I was out of bed. I then found Ray, my husband, and was able to render assistance to him. I'm really poud of Tahoe!

( This really describes what your Shepherds are all about.)


                                         Lenga's Zambuka Del Rio owned by Aida Poventud from Thomaston, CT.

                          Zambuka as a puppy

             Zambuka all grown up

    Dear Helene,

           I will begin by saying that if you are considering to purchase a German Shepherd puppy from Helene and are reading my  letter, you have found the right breeder. I purchased this male

puppy from Helene, and I call him Zambuka. He is the most beautiful, intelligent, social pup I have ever owned, thanks to Helene, giving him the training in the early stages of his life.

        Helene is a great breeder and I'm not fibbing. I do have to say I was a little nervous and concerned when the time came to send the money, since I live in Connecticut and Helene lives in California.  But my worries were unfounded. Helene is a very honest, caring and turstworthy person and the best thing is that she knows the kind of high quality puppies she is raising, and loves, and has so much knowledge about them.  Helene has provided my family, a friend and companion which we love very much.  Helene has kept her word every step of the way, when the puppies were born. She up dated me almost every day. (Exceptional Communication) She provided my family with pictures of our little Zambuka growing up day by day and we didn't miss out on Zambuka's early stages of his life, and I can't thank her enough for that. In addition, the communication between us just didn't end when Zambuka was flown to us. It continues, and if I have a question, I know I can call or e-mail Helene directly for advice. If you are considering adding a member to your family.  Helene's puppies will be your best choice. You won't be disappointed, I assure you.  

        Hugs, Aida


Lenga's Maggie Von Miracle a Female puppy from Zarco and Civik 

                                       Maggie as a puppy                                            Maggie as an adult


 Dear Helene,

Thank you very much for giving us our wonderful Maggie. She is everything we hoped she would be. She is sweet, loving, gentle and intelligent. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we are all very happy with her. Although we had to wait a long time, (2 years) to get her, it was well worth it. Thank you for your constant support and communication before and after her birth. Your commitment to us even after we brought Maggie home is commendable. You are not just the breeder of our family pet, but have become our Dear Friend, also.

With warmest regards,

Carolyn Perez

Danville, North CA.

P.S. Carolyn is now getting her second puppy from me. (June 2014) from Kota and Zarco

                                                       This is the second letter I received from Carolyn Perez

Hi Helene,


I just wanted to give you an update on Maggie.   We are so happy with her.  I know my husband really wanted a male because he wanted a large dog but we are so happy that you picked us out our beautiful Maggie.  We told you that personality was first and foremost over sex and color and we couldn't be more pleased with how she has turned out.  She has the perfect personality for our family and is such a love.  Although a female, she is a good size - 70lbs at 6 months.  Manuel recently told me that he doesn't regret not getting a male at all and that Maggie has the best temperment.  She isn't a runner and never tries to escape when we open the front door.  We can let her off leash in the front yard when we are out there and she never leaves our property, not even when another dog walks by.  She is energetic and loves attention but is also the kind of dog that will just lay around with you.  It is great to have a dog that can easily transition from play to complete relaxation just by responding to the moods of her master!

I did all of the basic training myself and recently enrolled her in intermediate training at Petsmart.  I have to tell you that I get a ton of compliments on how beautiful she is but most important, how well trained she is.  She is the shining star of her class! 


With warmest regards,

Caroyln Perez





                                                 Here is the second puppy that Carolyn got from me

                                       A beautiful black and red male puppy

                                                                  Picture below is Maggie with her new friend, Jake 






                                                                           Lenga's Sir Miles Von Der Del


Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 8:44 PM
To: Helene
Subject: Miles is doing so well!


Hi Helene

I have been taking Miles out in the car for short, short trips everyday so he doesn't think that everytime we get in the care he will be in for 8 hours.

Although the 8 hour drive home, he was great, and only cried when he needed to go out. But slept most of the way

I took him over to Michelles house to meet her 8 year old grandaughter and she was playing with a group of kids. Thanks to your early socialization, he was playful and gentle with all the kids. I will continue this socialization with other children, other people, and other dogs, so he will always be friendly and confident, like you suggested.

Our house is quiet, so I like him to be around noisy kids. Of course he did excellent

He is sleeping quietly all night in the large metal crate; he was only noisy when he needs to go outside to relieve himself. The second night, not a peep out of him until the morning. He held himself all night.

No accidents in the house at all; I really make an effort to take him out as soon as he wakes up, he knows to the words "go pee pee" and "go big potty".

He is so smart! Extremely intelligent, and picks things up right away. Just using the words he already knows, and he responds beautifully.

We also have a two story house, with two flights of stairs, I am very careful not to rush him to go up or down; I have my husband stand on the landing and then put him down on the third stair so he goes up three stairs, without any problems. Pretty soon he will be running up and down, like a pro.

I can’t Thank You enough. He is everything I have always wanted.

Loads of Hugs,


                                                                                                             Second letter Monica wrote me


August 10, 2010


Lenga’s German Shepherds

Mountain Center, CA 

Dear Helene,

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much my husband and I love our new puppy, Miles.  He is just amazing! From the first moment that I e-mailed you to when I picked him up at your house, you have made the whole experience of buying a German Shepherd puppy so easy!

He is so smart, friendly, well adjusted and beautiful. As you are aware we had a very long car ride back to Northern California and he just did great.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about purchasing a puppy from a breeder who they found via the Internet, please feel free to have them contact me.  Prior to finding you online, I had been looking for a puppy for over a year. I am very picky about how I wanted my puppy to look and you were kind enough to send me pictures of both the sire and the dam without any hesitation. Once I decided on a puppy from your kennel, you were in constant communication with all of the milestones of the litter, which I really appreciated! 

During every interaction, you always have been so professional. You are truly dedicated to breeding German Shepherds that are great family companions and both physically and mentally sound. 

Thank you again for everything!


Monica Wooldridge


                                   Halo as a puppy 

                                     Halo as an adult


Dear Helene,

We looked for a long time to find a breeder who breds Shepherds that have calm, sensible, smart, temperaments, and that are good with children. We could have goine with a local breeder, but seeing your web site, and your beautiful Shepherds and your quarantees, and talking with you via email on many occasions, and you sending me lots of information. We knew we wanted a puppy from you. I believe that when you come across a breeder such as yourself that it doesn't matter the location or price of the puppy.

We have small children and certain qualities in a temperament are very important. And these temperaments are what you breed in your Shepherds. After waiting with  constant communication through email and pictures we finally received our "perfect puppy" and she is defiantly that! Our Holo is 8 months old now, and she amazes us everyday with her intelligence and loving and protective nature, especailly with our children, which is exactly what you promised. She is everything we wanted in a German Shepherd. Needless to say all my children love her, and she is so gentle and calm around them. My two older boys go to school so she stays at home with me and my two year old boy while they are at school. She is especially boned with my little boy. They are inseparable.  She seems to understand that he is little, and deals with him in such a gentle manner. Sometimes she seems to exhitit almost human intelligence. We are so fortunate to have found you, Helene, at Lenga's German Shepherds. If you are looking for a German Shepherd that is beautiful, large boned, intelligent, gentle and calm around children, then look no further than Helene. We are so glad we did. ( We paid a little bit more money than what we could have gotten locally, but it was worth it, every penny !!) Any questions please email me at anytime.

Thank you, Helene for your dedication to be such a caring and wonderful breeder !!


Traci Chakra and Family

Concord, North Carolina

Note: One Reference letter is just not enough to say all the wonderful things about Helene and her wonderful German Shepherds from Lenga's German Shepherds in S.CA. I am now contemplating a second puppy from Helene.



Shirley as a puppy

Owner: Clive Barker


Shirley as an adult

Dear Helene,

As promised, I wanted to give you an update on our beloved Shirley's progress. She is enormous! A happy, robust, perpetually hungry and loving member of our ever-growing household.

Again, our thanks for your great kindness in helping us choose Shirley and the wonderful way you must have treated her during her first weeks of life, that she should turn out to be such a well-balanced and loving dog.

Very best wishes,
Clive Barker

P.S. When Shirley turned 2 years old, I got two more puppies from Helene

                Clive Barker's second puppy from me

                        Clive Barker's third puppy from me




Kimo as a puppy 

                                      Kimo as an adult


 Dear Helene,

It is with great pleasure that we write a letter of recommendation for your GSD breeding services.

It took us two years to even think about another dog after our beloved 14 year old Shepherd passed away. You were so patient and wonderful during this time. My local vet highly recommended we talk to you, because he is the vet you often use and he sees the high quality of your dogs.

We have absolutely fallen in love with Kimo and at 5 months old he is a stunning GSD. Whenever we take him out in public, people fall all over themselves to compliment him on his beauty and exceptionally well-behaved temperament. He passed his puppy training class easily. I think he remembered everything you already taught him, and was the star of his class. We are now looking forward to intermediate training.

When we originally arrived at Helene's home in the mountain to meet her and saw her other dogs. We were most impressed with how she has the puppies in an open environment, one litter at a time. All the dogs came running out to greet us, happy and friendly. This carries through to teaching the new puppies the basics they will need with their new owners.

What is best about our relationship with Helene is her continued interest in Kimo's development. after we brought him back down to the desert from her mountain home. Whenever we have a question she answers them right away though email or a phone call. We always feel welcome to drive up to Helene's ranch for a free training lesson with Kimo.  We love talking him on long walks, because he is so gentle and responsive.

The entire experience has been and continue to be very pleasurable and rewarding for our family, and we feel fortunate that we were directed to Helene from Lenga's German Shepherds, and that she picked out such an exceptional and wonderful German Shepherd to bring back into our lives.


Jan Hawkins

Indian Wells, CA.


Thor as a puppy

Thor as an adult

 Dear Helene,

First let me just say what a genuine pleasure it has and will continue to be in the Wonderful World of German Shepherds, largely due to our close association with Helene Kohen. At this time I would like to make it clear to everyone, this letter of recommendation comes from the Heart as well as the mind. Some years back, my wife and I had lost our beloved companion, "Sniper" a large wonderful German Shepherd. He was from Germany. He was fierce, loyal, intelligent and a great all around family dog. I figured when he passed on , we would never see the combination of those attributes again. This is however, until (our great fortune) my chance meeting with Helene. I was looking for another German Shepherd at the time. This was some what to my suprise as well as Very Good Fortune again. I explained to Helene about the loss of our dog, which had now been over a year and a half. She was very understanding and explained why there were no puppies available at that particular time. Although she had puppies, they were all spoken for already! She proceeded to inform me of "Several" things pertaining to Shepherds, I had never considered. This is when I decided to wait for an opportunity to purchase one of her dogs, rather than just buy any Shepherd! Well, now I have 2 wonderful Shepherds from Helene. I can't begin to put into words how Helene has not only furnished one perfect Shepherd for me, but two. Our wonderful trained adult female, called Cypress, and later, our new puppy, Thor. She has been there every step of the way, literally. Her love and devotion to matching her Shepherds with people, is a real gift! She has knowledge, experience, patience and understanding and provides each family purchasing the dog or puppy, a "Complete Package", and I do mean "Complete"! Try and find that somewhere else! Now it was a few months after I had met Helene when she came up with a Marvelous plan to fix me up with her own personal Shepherds, I might add! If there was ever a more perfect reincarnation of Sniper, it was in her Cypress. She knew it, and felt it, after I had told her all about our Sniper. She has such a good heart! Cypress was so well trained, too, and Helene is an excellent trainer as well. I see similar traits in our new puppy, too, called Thor.(Later:) Never would I have guess it.......Thor has turned out to be one of the best Shepherds I could ever imagine! Cypress and Thor are everything we always wanted in our Shepherds, and we are so HAPPY with Them. I rarely recommend anything to anyone, but in my book, Helene Kohen is the BEST Breeder you could ever hope to find!

From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU
Ken and Jannie Boyd

Note: Ken and Jan also got a young adult female from me, called Cypress (Picture below)


                                      Close up of Cypress                                                                                             Cypress with two puppies




                                  Hermie, a real family dog



Dear Helene,

This letter is well deserved, and I'm proud to be writing it. This is in regard to a German Shepherd puppy, that I call, "Hermie", that I got from Helene, from Lenga's German Shepherds.

I told Helene that I wasn't that experienced with puppies, and needed a perfect puppy that would teach himself pretty much everything he needed to know, and that I wanted a puppy that was not destructive, and was very intelligent, and would pick up things easily, and just an all around great dog with the kids, that would be trained and socialized already.

I did not think this would be possible, but I was hoping, wishing and praying somehow Helene would pick out such a puppy for us. My expectations were met to my every detail. I was amazed and astonished at how well behaved our Hermie was when we brought him home. Helene spend so much time with me, going over step by step how to raise him, and how to keep up the words that he already knew. He was the most wonderful dog I have ever owned. Not just in great looks, but the most amazing personality you can imagine!

If you want an exceptional German Shepherd puppy, I recommend Helene very highly. She keeps her promises, and is always there for you if you need any help. You cannot go wrong if you get a puppy from Helene.

Sincerely yours,

Neil Goldschein


A Real Family Dog



                                          Loki as a puppy                                                    Gentle Loki with baby

 Loki's Reference Letter:

To any future German Shepherd buyers! Helene from Lenga's German Shepherds is a terrific breeder full of knowledge and love for the German Shepherd dog! From day one you will be impressed by Helene's dedication to you and finding the best dog for you and your family! Loki was our second GSD from Helene and from the beginning we felt so blessed to have our two wonderful Shepherds from Helene. Loki is  one year old, and already 95 pounds, and still growing. I recently had a baby, and Loki turned out to be so gentle and calm around my baby.

Loki had a 9 hour drive to our home in Nevada, and was so well behaved during our long drive, thanks to Helene's early car training. He already knew his basic obedience of come, sit, stay, and to follow us on a lead on or off the leash. We just had to use the words he already knew, and when taking him to Obedience School, he was the smartest puppy there. I felt so proud of him. He has a big appetite for food and life. Loki lives to please. We take both Loki and our first German Shepherd Sage, we also got from Helene everywhere we go, as they are both so well mannered and such a please to have around. Sage is also very gentle and calm around my baby.

If you are looking for a top quality German Shepherd, look no further. Helene is wonderful and her dogs really Do Tug on your Heart Strings! They were both worth their money in gold. I'm so happy I choice Helene to get my two German Shepherds from. Thank you so much for providing us with the best 2 dogs anyone could ever hope to have.

Hugs, Becky Pulver

N. Nevada.


Xina, as a puppy

Xina growing up

 To anyone thinking about getting one of Helene's puppies,

I'm sure you have heard the old saying, if it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't true. Well, when I first read what all Helene promised, if you bought one of her puppies. I had second thoughts. But when Helene sent me the puppy package for me to look at, to choose a puppy and get to pick the Mom and Dad, and the results were: Her puppyies were awsome. I thought Wow ! If nothing else I would get a beautiful dog, Well, Helene's promises were all carried through.

First of all, she sends you pictures of the puppy at least twice a week if not more. It ws so exciting. I could hardly wait to get home to see the new pictures. Helene asks you what qualities you want in your puppy ? Active, or calm or protective and other qualities? I thought how can she determine that? Well, Helene does !  My puppy, Xina is active and protective, just want I wanted.

 My son, also purchased a female puppy, and his is exactly what he wanted, a black and tan, and the biggest female in the litter, that is gentle, but also protective. He has 3 children, and she is so gentle with them. The best thing is, that if you have any questions after you bring your puppy home, Helene answers all your questions within a day. Like my Xina was minding great, and then I had to work for 3 days, and when I was off she was a little monster. I asked Helene what to do, and she wrote back right away, and I followed her instructions and within a day Xina was back to my sweet and obedient girl.

Xina has never pooped in the house, and she was great for not having a doggie door, thanks to Helene's early training. Xina acturally learned how to go to the door and let me know she had to go outside. Another great thing, Helene crate trains, and when Xina was tired, she would just go straight to her crate to sleep. My son and I looked and researched for almost a year to find a good breeder before we found Lenga's German Shepherds. To show you how smart Xina is, at only  11 weeks old, she was laying down by the couch where my husband was watching TV, and Xina was chewing on her ball, while laying on her back, and then she placed the ball down she would push the ball towards my husband with her snout, to let him know she wanted him to throw it to her. Helene also showed me how to play "Hide and Seek" with her, to teach her always to watch me, instead of me watching her all the time, and now she doesn't take her eyes off me when we go outside. I could go on and on, but if you want a really exceptional puppy, Helene's German Shepherds are worth every penny!

 Xina's Mom, Marty Thompson





Wylee as a puppy

                                            Wylee as an Adult

Dear Helene,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Helene for helping me find what I believe is the best German Shepherd puppy one could ever hope for! I researched breeders for two years prior to finding Helene, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a puppy. Helene's love for her dogs is immediately apparent. The first time I spoke with her on the phone I was convinced that she was the right breeder for me. I waited 8 months for the right dog, and I put my faith in Helene to pick a puppy that I requested. Helene welcomed me into her home, introduced me to all of her dogs, and showed me her facilities for breeding the puppies. I had never seen such beautiful, confident, and friendly German Shepherds in my entire life! What drew me to Helene was her emphasis on her dog's personality. I wanted a gentle dog, that would be confident and well behaved in any situation. I take Wylee with me EVERYWHERE, and people can't help but stop and comment on how beautiful and well behaved he is. Although he is only 4 months old, he knows all of his commands, waits by my side regardless of whether he is on the leash or not, and is always friendly and gentle with adults and small children alike. When I brought Wylee home at 7 1/2 weeks, he already knew his name, how to walk on a leash, sit, use a doggy door, and relieve himself outside. Again, this is testimony to the love and attention Helene provides for all her dogs from the minute they are born. I have never experienced any behavioral problems with Wylee whatsoever. He patiently lays at my feet while I work throughout the day and is always up for a game of fetch with his Frisbee (his new favorite toy!), or a walk on the beach. Because I work from home, I wanted a gentle companion to accompany me throughout the day. I also wanted a large dog, that I could take hiking, skiing, and camping. Wylee is 4 1/2 months old, he's already 65lbs, and he has accompanied me on many hikes and back country ski trips. He spends his days and nights in the house with me, and has never acted out or damaged any property. Every day I have people stop me to tell me that he is one of the most beautiful dogs they have ever seen, and I couldn't agree more. Aside from providing me with all I ever wanted in a puppy, Helene is ALWAYS available to answer questions about her dogs. I continue to call her for advice, or just to say hello and tell her how her puppy is doing. Helene can provide a wealth of knowledge about raising a puppy, and I would encourage prospective buyers to trust her expertise. The art of raising a puppy is not always intuitive, and there is no substitute for the years of experience Helene has to offer. If you are considering purchasing a German Shepherd puppy, please don't hesitate to call me directly. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding my puppy, or my experiences with Helene and her wonderful dogs. I couldn't be happier with my German Shepherd, Lenga's Wylee Von Kona! Helene, I can't thank you enough for providing me with everything I ever wanted in a puppy.

Best Regards,
Geoffrey Coulehan 


                                      Sadie as a puppy                                    Sadie as a pup growing up with new baby


-----Original Message-----
From: Maria Welker  
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 5:54 PM
To: Helene
Subject: Re: Sadie


Hi Helene,

I have been meaning to write for months but since I moved my computer

downstairs to the basement in order to make a baby room, I have been

too lazy to walk down and use it. Mike's computer doesn't take

pictures from camera's very well so it has to be done from mine.

We are loving Sadie. She is growing soooo fast, it is hard to remember

she is still so young. She is already close to 50 lbs. When we took

her in for her first shots, after the series you had given her, the

vet was blown away at how beautiful she is and how well put together

she is. She has finished all her shots and we have taken her to the

dog park so she can socialize and have enrolled her in obedience

training in order to train with distractions. She is doing very well.

She doesn't jump and she sits wonderfully and has learned stay and

down until released. Thanks to your early training. It was worth every penny

to have her trained and socialized by you when she was very young.

Which made the adjustment so much easier for her and us.

She walks great on a leash and because of it, she is so fun to walk.

I am sending some pictures and you will see how much she has grown.

The one of her on the beach was her first visit, and she loves the

water. The last one is of my and my pregnant belly and her. I tend not

to smile much with photos since I have braces on at this time. The one

of Sadie and Mike is my favorite, I am going to have that one blown up

and framed.

I am glad you wrote, it forced me to go downstairs and upload photos.

Take care and don't worry, we are loving our "little girl", my nickname for her.


Maria and Mike



-----Original Message-----

From: Maria Welker 

Sent: Monday, July 05, 2010 6:21 P


Subject: Sadie


Hi Helene,

Sadie keeps surprising me. I took her for a walk for the first time

with the stroller and she was amazing. She walked on a loose leash and

wanted to walk beside the stroller and not me, so I let her. Every

time my baby,Alan made a noise, she poked her head in to check if he was all

right. I had people stopping in their cars to comment on how beautiful

and well mannered she is. We came upon people walking and other dogs

and she did beautiful. She sat when I told her to and went into a down

when told

Yesterday, I didn't know where she went and I found her laying on the

carpet in front of the crib while Alan was sleeping. I usually shut

his door to keep things dark and quiet but I will leave it open a

little bit now so that she can keep an eye on her baby. I had him down

on the carpet on a quilt today to do some playing and she laid down

next to us to keep an eye on things

Thanks for such a wonderful dog and to think, she is still so young.

We love her and to all the people who thought having a puppy and baby

at the same time, they never had a Sadie.(One of Helene's puppies)

Thanks Helene. I have included a picture of her in front of the crib

and next to my best friend on the couch when she was holding Alan.





                                             Sadie as a puppy                                      Sadie growing up with baby, Alan


   Sadie is bonded with baby Alan for life, and extremely gentle & calm and very protective of him


Hi Helene,

Winston is almost 13 weeks now, and is doing fantastic! From day one he has been such a good puppy. He is so good with my two girls, ages 3 and 5 years old. He is so calm and mellow. I don't know how you did it, Helene, but his personality is just what we wanted. I cannot tell you how much he has exceeded all my high expectations! Winston is such an amazing dog. He loves to hang out with me where ever I am in the house. He loves his morning and evening walks, and is so good on the leash. He sleeps in our room now and is just a pleasure. We waited a long time for him, and he was so wortht he wait. He is so perfect in all ways. He is growing by the minute, too. Will send more pictures soon.

Thank you, Helene for giving us the best puppy, we could ever hope for.

Shandon Smith




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