Read Letters From People That Have Gotten A Lenga Personality Puppy



                                         Lenga's Czar - black and tan male Zarco puppy


  From: Analisa Domingues [] 

Sent: Monday, September 04, 2017 12:25 PM

To: Lenga's GSD
Subject: I need more business cards!


Dear Helene,

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write to you. I am SO proud, not only of this sweet baby girl, but also of the majestic Czar! You breed the most gorgeous, most intelligent, most calm and gentle Shepherds in all of California and we are so thrilled that we chose you as our breeder. Czar was very much worth the wait. We have been working with him on training and he is incredibly smart. He learns quickly and the trainer said that his progress is amazing for such a young puppy of only 6 months of age! And even more importantly, the trainer was telling us what a wonderful gentleness he has...that his temperament is ideal! Especially for a Shepherd! And these are people who know the dangers and challenges of Shepherds, etc. He even asked me for your card and wanted to know how much a gorgeous and sweet German Shepherd costs from you. I told him $2000.00 because I'm pretty sure that is the standard price and he was shocked that it was so low. He said for a Shepherd like this I would expect 4-5 thousand. I told him the price goes up to 8 thousand but we lucked out! And I also let him know that I hope you never stop breeding.  I'm afraid of picking out a Shepherd without a wonderful temperament. I can't imagine not having a Lenga puppy or dog! I just wanted to send you this note to let you know how outstanding your breeding program is and how amazing your pups truly are!!! Thank you for taking the time to be a responsible and loving breeder! Your temperament tests are accurate and ever so important!!! Please send me some more of your business cards in the mail. Everyone stops and wants to know where I got the amazing Czar!

Lots of love,

Analisa & Czar                     


                                                                    Lenga's  Red Jasper Talisman - black and red male Zarco puppy


Hi Helene,


Thank you so much. Jasper is a joy.  He rode in my lap quietly, on the way home, then fell asleep. We stopped near Ontario at three and he ate his meal.

When we got home, we put some straw in the yard that you had given us  for their potty you did.  I placed him on the straw and after a little exploration, he did his business.

My dog Smalti was so excited to see him, so we waited until she calmed down, then introduced them the way you showed us. They seem to get along just fine. We will supervise them as they get to know each other. They both love stuffed animals and bottles.

Jasper seems to have made himself at home and is laying on my feet while I write this letter.

Jasper had a few restless moments during the night, but otherwise slept quietly. He peed once on the newspaper early in the evening, then decided he wanted to pee outside at 2:00am.  He’s had very healthy solid BMs.

This morning, I noticed  he doesn’t like when family is out of his sight. He was whimpering while we were doing some chores around the house and yard. But now he’s sleeping at my feet again while I’m typing.

He met one of the cats last night and was interested but not aggressive or afraid.  Jasper and my other dog  Smalti seem to developing a relationship. When he whimpers, she gets concerned and  tries to comfort him.

Jasper is doing very well. He slept through his second night with us without crying. He is eating well, playing hard and napping often. He is gentle and calm with my elderly mother and is trying hard not to chase his new cat siblings. He plays with my other dog and knows to back off when she doesn’t appreciate his puppy teeth.

Jasper rang the bell at the door.  I rushed to the door to let him and he did his business.  He is such a fast learner. Quite an amazing puppy. All your promises are coming true.  I can’t thank you enough for giving us the perfect puppy.

I put an open crate with a bed and some toys in the puppy area of the family room and he seems to like sleeping in there. I placed the bell on the door at his nose level. Jasper threw himself at it and popped the screen door open. He rings the bell now to let me know he needs to go outside to do his business. I can’t believe how smart he is & how quickly he picked it up.

Jasper was very good at the vet. He barely blinked when they did the exam on him. He just laid there while she felt for his testicles. While the vet discussed puppy care and training, he fell asleep on the exam table. The introduction you showed us, worked perfectly at the vet’s office. Our vet was amazed at how gentle and calm he was. Just like you promised he would be.

In  September, Jasper will begin a puppy manners and socialization class with a local obedience club. The class is held on a clean tennis court and all puppy participants are required to be vaccinated. Many of the trainers are CGC evaluators and participate in AKC events, so it sounds like a good beginning, when I get Jasper his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you updated. Thank you for giving us such an amazing puppy. We are so happy with him.


Big Hugs and well wishes,                                                                   

Kim and Enoch


            Lenga's Wyatt Vom Beschutzers with his Sire: Lenga's Von Riley Der Beschutzer

                                Wyatt is a very gentle and calm black and red male puppy from my sweet Cookie.


February 14, 2016

Dear Helene,

Just want to tell you how much we love our second pup from you.  Wyatt is a dream come true.  He has such a sweet personality.  He is strong and healthy and very smart just like our first pup from you, Riley. 

Both our German Shepherds from you are the best.  They love to run and play with each other all the time.  Our older dog, Riley, is a great watch dog too.  Riley loves Wyatt and is teaching him all kinds of things.  Takes good care of him too.  Always cleaning him and even distracts Wyatt when he is doing puppy no nos.  Riley even told me when Wyatt had to go outside when he was a new pup.  The two of them play all the time and are great company for each other.

Thanks again Helen for your dedication to the dogs and those of us who receive them.  You have always been there whenever I had questions.


Donna Pierce  

Note: The reason these two males get along so perfectly is because they are both gentle and calm.

 This is the second puppy we have gotten from Helene


                                     Lenga's Sky Von Beauty  Gentle and calm Female puppy by Cookie and Riley


Dear Helene,

Sorry for the late response. Our puppy Sky is now 3 1/2 months and is a joy to be around. She is such a great puppy with perfect temperament, everything that you had promised us. We get compliments everywhere we go with Sky, especially on her sweet, calm personality. We look forward to many years of building great memories with her.


Our family never owned dogs before so naturally we were very nervous about bringing home a puppy, especially a German Shepherd breed. After doing some research, I came across your website and remember telling my wife that this was it. Lengas GSD is where we will get our puppy. 


I won't make this letter long and repeat what others (who have purchased puppies from you) have said on how great and caring a breeder you are. However, a true testament for me is my wife whom (not a pet person) has come around to adoring Sky because of her calm and gentle demeanor. Those who have purchased a puppy from you, our family included, are truly blessed by your passion in raising such a great breed.


Thank you for your professionalism and personal advice throughout the whole process.


With love and gratefulness,

Phan, Maria, Fe, and Elsa.

Vista, CA.


                                 This is Beautiful sweet, gentle and calm  Adult Lenga's  Sky Von Beauty



                                                                                                  Lenga's Hansi Noel Rainchen Von Marchen


 Feb 6, 2015

Dear Helene,

I am so thrilled to write you about Hansi and to thank you for the most wonderful puppy.

I lost my precious Rainbow when he was only ten years old.  It was sudden.  He had had perfect checkups, then one day he seemed not able to get up. I took him to the hospital and 3 days later he passed.  He was my first GS and I was very much in love with him.


After a few weeks I wanted him back so badly that I started looking on the internet at German Shepherds.  There were so many pictures and so many breeders that it was very confusing.  Then, I saw your website.  I was immediately drawn to you because of the way you breed few litters and because you breed them in a home setting and are most concerned with their sweet temperaments.


As I looked through the pictures of your dogs, I saw all the wonderful traits I loved in Rainbow - large, tall, beautiful and especially that you described them as gentle and sweet.  My heart said that you were the place I'd find my next GS.


I waited expectantly until the puppies were born.  You were so amazing the whole time, answering any question I had.  You were so very concerned with pleasing me with just the perfect dog I was hoping for. 


Once he was born you continued to send me pictures of him and his siblings which kept me so thrilled and happy until the day I got to meet him.  He was 4 weeks old at that time and just a sweet armful.  Then, I waited until I could take him home at 8 weeks.  It was amazing how much he had grown in those 4 weeks!  Giant floppy ears and the most amazing eye contact with me.  He slept in my lap the whole way home.


Today he is 12 weeks old and already looks huge.  His gorgeous ears are standing straight up.  His personality is so affectionate and adorable.  He sleeps with me all night long and doesn't wake me up.  He loves to snuggle next to me. 


I was really afraid to take a puppy.  It had been many years since I had a puppy.  I rescued Rainbow as a two year old so he had already gone through all those puppy pains.  I cannot thank you enough for convincing me that I shouldn't give up on the idea of a puppy.  You did a fantastic job socializing him and teaching him to come and sit and go outside to relieve himself.  He never chewed furniture or anything that he shouldn't - except his toys that you taught him to chew !  He learned to do that pretty fast, thanks to your excellent training.   HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO VERY SMART. 


I can't thank you enough for all the care and love you put into him and all the support you gave me throughout and continue to do so.  My sweet, affectionate, beautiful big personality Lenga's Hansi Noel-Rainchen von Marchen is just the BEST and so are YOU.  Thank you for bringing such special little puppies into the world.  It's obvious how much you love them too.  It's not a business to you but a passion, and it shows in your wonderful dogs.

All my best,

Sondra Locke

      Sweet, gentle and calm Hansi has become HUGE


                   Lenga's Von Kali Ren -  Female puppy by Lenga's Cookie & Lenga's Riley - gentle & calm



-----Original Message-----
From: Traci Gidwani []
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2016 7:15 AM
To: helene kohen
Cc: Traci Gidwani
Subject: New Family Member


Dearest Helene,

Our new puppy Ren is now 3 months old and an absolute joy. She is so loving, sweet, gentle and intelligent. We truly appreciate all of the love and care Helene has embraced her since she was born. It is very obvious with her wonderful personality, she has been so cherished, socialized and received foundational training. She has been house broken since the day we brought her home with no accidents to date.  Ren verbally lets us know when she needs to go outside to relieve herself and when she really needs to go and we are not moving fast enough, she lets us know, too. But she holds herself.


Helene has been so very generous, kind and supportive with puppy guidance, it has truly been our good fortune to have found Helene as a german shepherd breeder initially, and now we are blessed by her friendship. We searched for a breeder for a long time, because we wanted more than just a puppy, we wanted to find a life long companion for our family. Helene has been so warm and welcoming every time we have come to visit and we are grateful for all of her support after we brought Ren home too.


We cannot thank you enough for your integrity and passion as a german shepherd breeder. We are blessed, Ren is truly a bundle of pure joy and sunshine.


Wishing you the very best,

Traci and Family

San Diego, CA.


                                                                                            Lenga's Von Quincy Der Vance

                                                Sweet, gentle and calm red male pup by Zarco



We contacted Helene about six weeks after our precious Maverick, a sweet and happy German Shepherd passed away.   As might be expected, Maverick’s passing left a large void in our family.  We filled out Helene’s puppy questionnaire online and within two hours Teresa received a phone call.  It was Helene and the two spoke for quite awhile.   It was both a sad and happy experience for Teresa to talk about Maverick and what he meant to our family.  Helene understood our loss and later sent us a poem about Maverick.   After the phone call, we discussed whether to proceed with Helene or find a breeder closer to us.  It was a challenging decision for us as we are in Northern California and were considering making a substantial purchase from someone so far away.  As is obvious, we decided to go with Helene.   We sent her our deposit for our yet to be born puppy of Zarco Jr. and Kota.  We received constant updates from Helene as to how mom was doing before he was born and after birth how the puppies were. 


Given the answers we gave Helene in the questionnaire and subsequent phone calls after committing to buy, Helene had a very good sense of what type of personality in a dog we were looking for.  She selected one out of the litter and we told her his name would be Quincy.   We picked him up at eight weeks of age a couple days after Thanksgiving.  Helene had taught him his name and he responded to it when we called him.   Helene also knew Quincy would be in for a long drive home and before we picked him up she ensured he was comfortable traveling in a car.  He also had been house broken, taught to walk on a leash, and was comfortable using a doggie door.   Essentially, we brought home the perfect puppy.   But with all that said, first and foremost quality he came to us with was an easy going disposition, loving and precious personality, and above all gentleness.   His gentleness is so important given he will be quite a large dog.  


So what makes him the perfect puppy?   Quincy’s very attentive to every move Teresa makes.  He is very excited to meet new people.  He makes friends wherever he goes, and he likes his veterinarian-who gives us high praises for what he feels is “your best one yet”.   He has just enough spunk to be fun loving, yet enough “sense” to realize when his pet parents want his attention and he needs to calm down.   As pet parents of course we think he’s just the smartest puppy ever, but he alone possesses qualities we found separately in our previous German Shepherds.   Quincy is alert and very observant of his surroundings.  We catch him watching television, he looks up and sees birds on our walks as well as every squirrel that dashes past us.  But most of all he’s loyal and so very loving.  And, he turns heads everywhere we go with him.  He truly is a stunning example of the breed.    So Helene, we are very thankful for the wonderful dog we bought from you, and feel you truly represent your profession of breeding German Shepherds in a remarkable way.



Steven and Teresa Vance






                                                                                      Lenga's De Bella Von Sunshine

                                            Sweet gentle and calm female from Zarco


From: Kevin macdonald []

Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 9:07 PM

To: helene kohen

Subject: Bela


Just wanted to send you a quick thank you and update.

Bela is soo sweet, smart, and well behaved.

People can't believe she is only 10 weeks old.  She is huge and beautiful.

Bela follows Sami everywhere and they sleep together.  Just what I wanted.

My brothers dog, Shamus, from Zarco,  you sold him, met Bela.    He was very gentle with her.  It was funny.

House broken, she knows her name, and sits and stays. Just like you taught her. We just keep up the words,

and she continues to obey. She is so smart.

Her favorite chew toy is my foot, we are working on that.

Bela is a wonderful and fun addition to my family.

Appreciate all your guidance.  She is just what I wanted and just what your promised.

Kevin MacDonald

Advanced Medical Development

Paradise Valley, Arizona




                                                                                   Lenga's Del Cookie Von Red Beauty

                                           Sweet, gentle and calm female puppy from Zarco 


Hi Helene,

I wanted to write to you to tell you how much we are enjoying our beautiful newest member of the family, Cookie!  She is sweet, gorgeous, large, and just a real pleasure to have around.  She's already gotten comfortable with our other older and dominant dog Lola, and they now play together on a daily basis.  Also, your recommendations to continue her socialization with other people and other dogs is going very well.  She is courageous and curious about new people or animals but is also sensitive to other dogs' signals that they "don't want to play" and backs off appropriately.  Even when Cookie faces a new and scary situation, with a little encouragement and petting from us, she will face her fears head on.  

We have no doubt that she is a quality dog and a well-loved dog at that.  You know that we've been wanting a puppy of yours for many years, and I'm so glad we waited.  She certainly was worth the wait! Cookie is the product of Zarco and Kota and in my humble opinion, one of the best I've seen.  Now I understand that may sound biased so let me explain what I mean.  Zarco is big, beautiful red and brown, and very personable and a talker - all qualities we wanted.  Kota is quieter but very sweet and not the least bit overbearing.  The combination is puppies like Cookie which have the sweetness of Kota with the size and personable nature of Zarco - it's a perfect combination!  Some examples of where you see this blended personality - we went to the vet the other day for her shots, and even though San Diego is a new place, and she is still getting to know me and Helga, she sat quietly and trustingly in my lap the entire ride without fussing.  Also, when we first introduced her to Lola, she saw Lola growl and Cookie was smart enough to know to keep her distance until Lola warmed up to her.  I could go on and on but she is simply a pleasure and we're very grateful to have her.

Thank you again so much.  We know that Cookie will be a valued member of our family for many years to come.  We are looking forward to breed Cookie with Riley.

Best Regards,

Nathan Kohen

Lead instructor /TS Coordinator

CPR Advantage

ph: 858-337-7408



                                                                                              Lenga's Special Lady De Lucy

                                               Sweet, gentle and calm female from Zarco


February 26, 2014


To Future German Shepherd Owners,


Our family HIGHLY recommends Helene as the breeder of superb excellence as you look to purchase a german shepherd.  We picked up our Lucy on November 18, 2013.  From the moment we contacted Helene, she was a wealth of resources, making sure we were fully knowledgeable about the breed and getting to know us so she could match the right puppy temperament to our family's needs.  Once we matched with a puppy, she kept us up to date on a frequent basis so we were in love with our baby before she ever came home to us.  Helene gave us so much information and the things we needed to have a successful puppy connection.


Lucy has now been home almost 4 months and after many years of dog ownership, we must say that Lucy is the BEST PUPPY we've ever had.  It only took her a couple of tries to learn our dog door and backyard, thanks to Helene's pre-potty training!  Lucy learns very quickly, and just completed her first round of puppy classes, in which she was the fastest learner in the class.  She is affectionate with all four of our family members, and is easy going with strangers.  We could not have asked for a better puppy and breeder to bring into our lives.


Once Lucy reaches a year old, she will begin training to be a therapy dog for children with special needs.  Given her personality, ability to quickly learn and calm happy nature, we know she will bring delight to many children in the future.


Thank you Helene for bringing us Lucy!


The Morris Family



                                                                               Lenga's Trinity Von Royalairs Derhaus

                                        Sweet, gentle & calm female puppy by Zarco


To whom it may concern,

          Approximately two weeks ago I received a wonderful puppy from Lenga German shepherds.. I am very pleased with the quality and temperament of the puppy .I have been breeding 30 years and don’t believe anyone has given me so much information about a pending litter and updated progress of the puppies so much. I received lots of information about the parents dogs and was updated weekly about the puppies.. I would not hesitate to buy another puppy from Lenga’s in the future. And for me that is saying something. I am very very picky…

                                                Sincerely ,

                                                            Robin Krumm

                                                                        Royalairs German Shepherds




                                                Lenga's Bruin Beschutzer Vom Rothhaus

                                      Sweet, gentle & calm male pup from Zarco



July 21, 2014

Dear Helene,

It’s my absolute pleasure to write a referral for your outstanding dogs and your wonderful breeding standards and practices. 


I started looking for German Shepherd puppies online and I searched for months, always disappointed at either the quality of the puppy care by most breeders or the lack of responsiveness from the breeder. Knowing what I did about German Shepherds, and the fact that my fiancé and I already have pets (two dogs and a cat) and intend to have kids one day, we were picky about what we wanted in a German Shepherd. I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to find our perfect puppy!


That all changed when I found Helene’s website. Within 1 hour of submitting her online request form, I had a response in my inbox offering to send me her puppy package, giving me information about Kota and Zarco, and explaining what I can expect from her and her puppies. She said up front that she cares more about her families than about the money; I assure you, she has proven this to us over and over again. We went out to visit her home, Kota and Zarco, and the litter of puppies 4 times before we came to pick up our Bruin on our 5th visit. She has answered hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of emails from me starting from before the puppies were even born and continuing now that our puppy is 12 weeks old and in our care. She sent us home with a bag full of toys and a full day’s worth of food for Bruin too, which I’ve never known another breeder to do.  I know that she will always be there to provide advice and support when it’s needed. I am so incredibly grateful I found her website and that we were lucky enough to get one of her puppies.


Our puppy, Bruin, is one of a litter of nine from Kota and Zarco, and he’s the best puppy we could have imagined. He’s not only a big and beautiful black & tan pup, he has the perfect personality for us. When we’re ready to play, he’s energetic and playful, yet always gentle and sweet. When it’s time to settle, he always knows to calm down and behave himself. We never hesitate to bring him anywhere with us out in public (shopping, eating out, visiting friends, playing with children and other dogs…). Our friends always comment on how calm and well-mannered he is, especially for a puppy. He’s also very intelligent and has proven himself a quick learner. He was crate trained in three days and knows a plethora of commands already.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more.


For anyone considering one of Helene’s puppies, I assure you that you can’t go wrong. She takes excellent care of her dogs and the puppies, and will offer you a lifetime of support.





                                                                                              Lenga's Sir Valentino Von Der Del

                                                      Sweet, gentle, & calm male from Zarco


July 21, 2014




We are just writing you a thank you note regarding the lovable, smart and alert Valentino “Tino”.  You are welcome to post this letter if you like.  As you can see in the videos he is adjusting well and plays tirelessly with his big sister.  Yes, prospective GSD owners, Helene’s puppies are very healthy, calm and well-adjusted.  So far Tino is calm and lovable while still having boundless energy until it is time for one of the several long naps he is still requires at 12 weeks.


We are following your feeding instructions and reinforcing the basic training you started between weeks 5 and 8.  He gives us signals when “nature calls”, walks pretty well on the leash and also enjoys a very slow 10 minute bike ride in the park.  Tino enjoys meeting neighbor dogs and is very social and friendly with them. Tino will sit and stay at the door until we say “OK”.  Upon request, Tino will “give me five” and “give me the other five”. This has been helpful in keeping a muddy pawed dog from coming into the house. Your advice on distraction when he is getting too frisky seems to work well.  One tip we discovered to keep him occupied on warm days is an ice cube sliding along the tile floor.  I think it is the movement and perhaps the relief from teething that he likes the most.


We requested a large, dark faced black and red male who could stand his ground with a 7 year old large alpha female.  Mission accomplished!  Thought you’d be interested to know that your diet and his fine genetics are very evident in his growth which is in high gear.  We got him at week 8 when he was 12 pounds.  He weighed in today at a healthy, long and lean 25.6 pounds.  Fortunately, my wife works ½ days in the summer and I have time to spend with Tino. It’s imperative for any prospective owners to realize that time, love and care are necessary in fostering a well-adjusted pooch. We love our little (soon to be large) addition to our family.


If we can share any other information with future owners you can provide them Joey’s phone number.




Joey and Antoinette Gaglione



                                       This is a female puppy from Lenga's Civik and Champion Lorien's Patron

                   Maggie as a puppy                                                         Maggie as an adult



   Hi Helene,


Maggie is doing wonderful. We are so delighted with her.  I think all puppies from your kennel are outstanding, and anyone would be lucky to get one of your exceptional puppies. Her personality is so loving- she smiles all the time, and always ready to have her picture taken. She is so photogenic. The most important thing for us was to find a great dog for the whole family, but mainly the kids- and she is exactly that.  She plays well with the kids and she watch them constantly. Which shows how bonded she is to them and protective she is of them. As she grows, I know she will be very protective of them. Sometimes when she gets up in the morning she barks until we wake up letting us know she needs to go outside to relieve herself. When we are all on the sofa looking at her, and she has a good audience, she just lays down and watches us with a smile knowing we are all safe. As that is her job, to keep us together and safe.   The kids and her are 3 peas in a pod- they are great together.  Sometimes she voices her displeasure when the boys fight, as boys will do, and they will stop when she barks at them. What a smart puppy she is.It's actually pretty funny and we really love and appreciate her as she is showing us how very intelligent she is. She is a valued family member.  Andy can't get enough of her and she is so gentle and great with the boys.  A few nights ago, Andy took his pillow and blanket and took a nap right next to her, as she put her head on his leg. It shows the tremendous bond she has with him and my other son.


Helene, what can I say- you picked the perfect puppy for us! You are such a wonderful breeder, and we trust your opinion, but you have definitely outdone yourself with matching her with us.  Even as a puppy, she is showing signs of maturity and intelligence. She is so calm, fun and smart, that sometimes we forget that she is still a puppy- and she will only improve with age.  We are so lucky to have her.  The VET called her a perfect puppy, and they love it when she comes in for her shots. She is so well behaved at the vet’s office. Thanks to your early training and socialization you did with her. She is also a looker and I think she knows it, and seems to pose whenever we want to take her picture. She always gives us eye contact, and I think that shows intelligence. She is very cute and adorable right now, but she is going to be gorgeous when she grows up.  When we walk her, she struts her stuff, she is so confident and calm, we get complements constantly - many people stop us and tell us that she is one of the most beautiful black and red Shepherds that they have ever seen (we agree). We are so happy with having her, thank you so much for choosing us and giving us this opportunity.  We are very grateful to you for how well you take care of us and the puppies through the whole process, and your follow up and advise mean a lot as well.  Maggie is a happy dog, and our whole family is happy, thanks to you and your excellent Shepherds.   I am glad that you enjoyed her photos- again, she is very photogenic. With much appreciation for giving us such an exceptional puppy.

 Best to you always, 

 The Janisch Family


                                                                               This is the second exceptional puppy we have gotten from Helene



                                Lenga's Maximillian Von Zev owned by Neal Newman from Danville, CA.

                                     Zev as a puppy

                                                   Zev as an adult

         To anyone contemplating to get a German Shepherd puppy from Helene  

 Helene is a woman of impeccable integrity. Her expertise and love of her dogs is unmatched by anyone I have ever met in the dog world. I have had dogs my whole life and have dealth with many breeders who are down right dishonest. They are more worried about making a buck than breeding great dogs.

Helene's dog's are outstanding. I have been to her ranch twice. Each time was a learning experience. This woman's expertise and knowledge of breeding is remarkable. Her stud dog, Zarco is incredible. The 10 puppies from which I picked, were all beautiful and intelligent at 6 weeks old. They were clam and I saw not one iota of hyperness even at this young age.

This woman has done everything she promised me during the year I have known her. Countless e-mails and pictures. Responses everytime I needed information or had a question. Helene goes way beyond the call of duty. You can believe everything she tells you.

I found Helene by just running a Google search for GSD breeders. The pictureof the gentleman hugging the dog on her web site reminded me of my own relationship with my past dogs. I called her which led to a puppy package and the relationship began. I had lost my companion dog, "Wolfie" on January 10, 2009.

I was not going to be ready for a dog for awhile which Helene understood. Throughout the year we communicated and she let me decide when the time would be right. This woman is totally sincere. She really wanted what was best for me and my future puppy.

Finally, I will close by saying, I feel fortunate that not only have I found a world class breeder, but a life long friend in Helene. Please feel free to contract me anytime if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

Neal Newman, Danville, CA.

 New Email:




                    Here is a male puppy, named Texas, by Zarco and Keira

                               Texas as a puppy at 7 weeks old and at 6 months old


February 12, 2012

Dear Helene,

We are glad everyday that we chose you as a breeder for our puppy, Texas. First off, everyone in the neighborhood and on the street admires him for his beauty and beautiful black and red color. The groomer, trainer, and veterinarian who have worked with him are amazed at his excellent temperament.

Most important we are very pleased with how easy Texas is to train, and how unique his relationship is with each member of our family. At 7 months old and 75 pounds, he loves to get into all the things that our 18 month old boy gets into.  The sprinklers, dirt, and chasing bugs and birds around the backyard. They are partners in crime. He wrestles and romps endlessly with our rough and tough 4 year old, but is ever so gentle with him. They have a very special relationship. With my 6 year old boy, who is more relaxed, Texas sits at his feet as he practices his violin and does his schoolwo

Texas is very closely bonded to us all, and sleeps in the perfect place in our home to hear anything and everything to guard us through the night. He alerts us if anything is amiss. Whether an umbrella was knocked over by the wind, or a police helicopter is flying over our house in the middle of the night searching the neighborhood for a criminal. He is also incredibly smart and sensitive to how things are suppose to run in our busy househo

Thank you so much for trusting us with one of your special puppies and be assured that he is the newest one of my babies, and we all love him dearly, and can’t imagine life without him now. As you know I am 4 months pregnant now, and I think it is the perfect time to have Texas around, and have no doubt he will be very gentle and calm around our new baby

Yours truly,

Irene Neuner




Jack as a puppy


Jack as an adult


 My Wonderful Lenga's Jack Of Hearts"

Dear Helene,
This letter is well deserved. You have been so wonderful and patient throughout the time of me purchasing a male puppy from your beautiful female, Lenga's Loyalville von Civik and months afterwards with my terrific male puppy called: Lenga's Jack Of Hearts. I can't believe it, but all your promises about my marvelous Jack have come true. I had asked you for the biggest male puppy, and he certainly is HUGE. Jack weighs 75 pounds at almost 6 months old. I had asked you for a certain personality of being outgoing, friendly, affectionate, and very confident, and he certainly has all those wonderful qualities. Jack is a wonderful puppy and has adjusted to our lifestyle so perfectly. I can't stress enough how wonderful and patient you were with me, when Jack's ears did not come up in the first few months. I wrote you almost everyday, expressing my concerns that his ears were not up yet, and there was so much patience and encouragement in all of your letters. I realize there are not many breeders that would do what you did. You are an exceptional breeder. You never got upset with me, or ingored any of my concerns, and answered me the very day I wrote you. You explained that because he is going to be such a big boy, his ears were big and heavy, and needed more growing into, so his head could suport those big ears, and that they would come up. 100% you guaranteed that Jack's ears would come up, and sure enough........THEY DID! I thank you so much for your continued encouragement throughout these few months of me being so worried. Knowing that you had already received your money for Jack, and you could have easily just ignored my many complaints, but when you said you will always be there for me. I know now, that you really meant it! I, too am that kind of breeder and appreciate all your love and concern for each of your puppies. I look forward to a long and wonderful relationship with you through e-mail, and Jack has turned out so outstanding in everyway, that now I'm looking forward to my next puppy from your exceptional Kona someday in the future. I love my Jack so much. He greets visitors with confidence and a wagging tail, and is so well behaved inside the house. always sweet and gentle with my small dogs, and calm around the children.
You are a very dependable, reliable, and honest breeder, and I highly recommend you to anyone that wants top quality, big boned Shepherd puppy with a terrific personality. Thank you for everything, Helene, and always being there for me.

Hugs, Kellie Mintern from: Mintern's German Shepherds in Burghill, Ohio.

Note: Looking forward to get our second puppy from Helene 


                                      Bodie as a puppy

                                               Bodie as an Adult

 Dear Helene, Let me start this letter by saying THANK YOU. It ws not an easy process for me to find a great breeder. I looked for over a year and ran into the continuous problem of the breeder only caring about the money. When I found Helene, (Lenga's German Shepherds) I knew from the conversation we had that my search was over. Helene was very informative and was absolutely patienct with all my questions. She made me feel like a future friend and even invited me to her house to meet all of her dogs.

With my decision made, I signed up for the breeding of two big beautiful GSD's Lenga's Keira Von Ass De Kona and Champion Lorien's Patron. During the process, Helene always kept me updated. When the pupies were born, Helene never let a day go by without emailing me pictures. Her enthusiasm for what she does is unmatched. She truly cares about what you want in your puppy and helped me prepare for the day I would pick him up and bring him home. After weeks of anticipation, I was finally given my pup named Lenga's Bodie Von Whofhausen. Bodie desplayed great qualities from the start, and adapted to his new home and life quickly.

The process with Helene did not end there, like it would have with most breeders. As Bodie grew, I had many questions and Helene was always there to answer them. She does not hesitate in emailing me back when I send her pictures and truly loves watching Bodie grow up.

I highly recomend Helene (Lenga's German Shepherds) and her breeding program and the proof behind it, is in my beautiful male Shepherd. Bodie is the model GSD, and is very healthy, and a lovable family pet. Again, I thank you Helene for being a dependable and honest breeder.

Your friend, James Lopez, from Whittier, CA.

You may contact me if you have any questions about Helene or my wonderful Bodie.

                                                          Second letter from James about Bodie

Dear Helene,

Thanks for the compliments on Bodie.  He has grown to be a beautiful GSD. My neighbors are always amazed on his shinny coat and his great body structure.  As for your question, he has a great personality. Bodie is very approachable and gets along with all my neighbors and their dogs. I think largely due to your early socialization. When we are on our walks he listens well and never leaves my side.  He is very intelligent and has learned many obedience skills and basic commands.  He has also shown to be a great watch dog at the house and does not hesitate to step in front of me and an oncoming unleashed dog while we are on our walks. I think it shows that he has strong protective instincts, even though he never growls or barks. My favorite thing about him is that he loves to play and be part of the family.  We can sit in the backyard all day and play fetch or play with one of his tug toys. Even with that fierce appearance he has he is a big-o goofy dog.  I love just to sit back and watch him role on his back with one of his rope tug toys. At the end of the day, Bodie loves to come inside the  house and lay at our feet. I couldn't have asked for a better friend.

Love, James

Whittier, CA.

                                                                                  James Third letter about Bodie

From: James Lopez []
Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2010 7:17 PM
To: Helene
Subject: New Bodie picture


Hello Helene

Sorry its been so long since I've wrote to you or sent you new pictures.  Bodie is doing great and we can’t believe he is going to be two years old already.  Life has been busy with work and the new baby, but Bodie has adjusted to the new busy life.  Our son is now 8 months old and loves to be outside with Bodie.  I attached some pictures we took today, celebrating the 4th of july, of Bodie and our son relaxing in the back yard.  Its hard to tell from the pictures but Bodie has grown over 100 lbs and is in great shape.  Hope all is well with you and your big dogs.  Happy Independence Day from me and my family.

Thank you for the best dog ever!

Love, James







         Bodie turns out to be very gentle and calm around their baby boy                    

                                                                                            Growing up with Bodie



Lenga's German Shepherds

April 2, 2007 To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dennis Frasier, D.V.M. from Anza Animal Clinic,

I am pleased to write this letter for you, Helene,

 In our experience handling and dealing with German Shepherds, bred by Helene Kohen, A.K.A. Lenga's German Shepherds, they have been exceptionally well behaved and well mannered and even tempered. Helene Kohen's German Shepherds have in our dealings always been healthy, and top quality dogs. We would highly recommend Helene's Shepherds to anyone looking for a great quality and gentle Shepherd puppy.

Anza Animal Clinic

Dennis Frasier, D.M.V.

39100 Contreras Road in Anza,CA.92539



                                Jesse James as a puppy with Liz                                 Adult Jesse James laying on sofa with Liz


                                         "For Helene, This Is A Relationship, Not A Transaction"

 When we went to Helene, it was a year after losing Jesse, our 14 year old German Shepherd, who was like our son. Alan, my husband contacted many breeders, and was taken by Helene's instant response, disarming honesty, and caring nature. Once we met Helene, at her place up in the mountains, and her menagerie of terrific dogs, it was a feta complies.

Like some breeders, Helene has top-notch dogs and an impressive history of breeding Champions. Unlike most breeders, she has an extraordinarily deep understanding and love of Shepherds, and a paramount concern of her client's needs and situation. Helene matches the puppy specifically to you and your lifestyle. Helene's style is honest, down -to-earth and homey, and her kennels reflect that.

During the adoption process, Helene kept us informed and engaged, consistently updating us via email, sending pictures with vivid descriptions of our puppy-to-be. Helene is committed, sweet, and is a unique character herself, with a wonderful sense of humor. She knows her stuff. When it was time to get our new puppy, she showered us with advice. She even wanted to make sure that our other dog, a lovable mutt we rescued, would get along with the new puppy, so she insisted they meet. Helene helped us every step of the way then, and continues to follow-up now. We try to extend her the same care, as we appreciate that immensely. We intend to go back to Helene to get Jesse a brother or sister someday soon. To Helene, this is a relationship, not a transaction!

Our new puppy is also named Jesse, (Lenga's Sir Jesses James) I call him my little Jesse, although he is little no more, as he is over 90 pounds at 6 months old. He is gorgeous, smart, quick, loving, responsive, protective, and much more, and everything we have always wanted. Jesse embodies the best of his German Shepherd breed, and Helene embodies the best of breeders. We recommend her unconditionally.

XO, Liz

                             Liz is now getting her second perfect puppy from me.


Spirit as a Puppy

Spirit as an adult

 Dear Helene,

My wife and I recently bought a 14 month old, male German Shepherd, named: "Spirit" from you.

Over a long marriage we have had several German Shepherds, having acquired the first one in 1948. In the past, we have had female dogs, because they have a reputation for being more tractable and gentler than males, or so we thought. Spirit is our first male.

Spirit couldn't be more gentler, calmer, or sweeter than he is. He is also playful and affectionate. He's a wonderful dog and we feel privileged to have him. You have done such a great job in bringing out the best in his personality, and so well behaved in public. He has become our house dog, and he has adapted to his new life style immediately, thanks to your socialization, training and breeding, and he now sleeps at the foot of our bed every night.

He is very intelligent, and Helene, you have done an excellent job of training him. I must say, that he is the best trained dog I have ever had!

In the past with our female dogs, we had to take them to training schools and hired trainers to help us, but not with Spirit. He is so much better, than we could ever have anticipated, in every way.

When we picked him up at your Kennel, Lenga's German Shepherds, you gave us lots of information about his food, his care, what he knows, and showed us physically all the wonderful things he responded to. We were amazed at his intelligence. A little over a week later, you went out of your way, to come and visit us, at our home, to make sure we were happy with him, and that he was also happy in his new life with us, and to answer any further questions we might have. But Spirit was perfect, and we could not ask anymore from a dog. I doubt that many other breeders would go to that trouble. We never heard a word from previous breeders after we gave them a check. I also want to thank you Helene, for answering all my questions through e-mail so promptly.

We are completely satisfied and totally happy with Spirit. I never knew dogs like this existed, and he is so much more than we hoped for.

I have no hesitation in recommending Helene, from Lenga's German Shepherds to anyone that wants a top quality Shepherd, not only in beauty, but also personality and temperament.

Thank you for everything. Your friend, Ed Eubanks from Santa Barbara


Jake as a Puppy and Jake as an Adult



Dear Helene,

I am writing to you to update you on the progress of "Jake" our little puppy that we purchased from you, from beautiful Cleopatra.

I first want to say that working with you and seeing how you train and treat all of the puppies in your litters was quite amazing. When Jake was only 7 weeks old, you had already trained him to heel and sit, and stop doing inappropriate biting by giving him a signal. That was awesome. So aside from thoroughly enjoying working with you, I must tell you the real season I am writing.

I have had dogs all of my life, all of them special in their own ways. How ever, I have to tell you that this puppy is by far the sweetest, most gentle, loving puppy I have ever seen. He is so mellow and fun to play with. His disposition and personality are so unique. He easily adapts to all situations and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is alert, and very smart. He knows how to occupy himself with his toys and doesn't demand constant attention or whine when he goes in his crate for a nap.

As you know, Martha is on oxygen and somehow Jake just seems to know when she gets tired and to leave her oxygen cord alone and not play with it. He will stop and wait for her when she has to stop and rest. He just seems to sense that he needs to wait for her a few minutes.

He gets along so well with our other dogs, because of the socilization you did with him, and tries to be "one of the big guys" All too soon he will be! Helene, aside from the fact that he is a stunning beauty with a beautiful black saddle and tan legs, and those beautiful German Shepherd markings, he is the most loving, affectionate, contribution to our family. Thank you for making our family complete! Jake is just a wonder! If you ever need someone to give a testimony to your puppies, I would be happy to do so. Sincerely, your friend, Amy Harrison

I am happy to report that I got my second puppy from Helene recently called "Annie".

I am extremely happy with her. She came to me trained and socialized already.

What a pleasure she is !

Lenga's Little Pistol Von Dee Dee - Our female puppy, we call Annie

                           Annie as a puppy                                                Annie as an adult standing


Dear Helene,

What can I say about our wonderful Lenga's Little Pistol von Dee Dee, that we call Annie. She is so smart, thanks to Helene's early training. She is the biggest sweetheart. When we tell her to find her ball, she will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find it, until she achieves her goal. Sh eis loving and energetic, and loves to play ball, and enjoys playing in the water.

When I thought we got the best Shepherd in the world from Helene, Lenga's Del Sol von Jackson, that we call Jake. Because Jake turned out so wonderful, we decided to get another Shepherd puppy from Helene. Annie is everything we wanted in our little female, and we look forward to her growing up. She is still  very much a puppy, and is very lovable and affectionate. I am extremely happy with her. She came to me trained and socialized already.

Just recently we got our third puppy from Helene, named: Lenga's Queen Esther Von Karma.

Thank you, Helene

Jake, Annie and Queen Esther completes our family now.

Hugs,  back to you, Amy and Martha.

Note: This is our third puppy from Helene, called Esther

                        Esther as a puppy                                                         Esther as an adult  (3rd. puppy we got from Helene)



                     Zeus is growing up

                                       Zeus as adult with Melissa


 "Look No Further"

If you are seriously considering adding a German Shepherd puppy to your family, then look no further. Helene, from Lenga's German Shepherds are without a doubt THE BEST ! We've done all the research and NOBODY adds up to Helene's level of care and concern for her dogs, the breed and the prospective dog buyer. When we met Helene, we never imagined that our high expectations would be met so well, but when we brought home our beautiful, gentle giant, Zeus, we knew that Helene's guarantees were for real. Everybody who sees Zeus comments about his beauty, size, intelligence, undeniable sweetness and lovability. I grew up with two wonderful Shepherds, but in all honesty, they were not near as beautiful, intelligent, strapping and sweet as our Zeus from Lenga's German Shepherds. You will understand everything I'm saying once you begin dealing with Helene. She'll provide you with photos of the sire and dam, and the entire litter once they are born, and constant up dates with pictures of your new puppy. Now, a full grown adult, Zeus weighs 128 pounds, and still very sweet and gentle.

So Good Luck, enjoy the ride, and your New Bundle of Perfect Joy !

Best Regards
M. Ryan Hardy

P.S. Ryan is now getting his second puppy from me. (June 2014)

Note: Ryan wanted the biggest male pup in the litter, and that is certainly what he got. At full grown, Zeus now weights 141 pounds. So, please take this into consideration when you ask for the biggest pup in the litter.


              Second male puppy from Helene.        Lenga's Starke Knight Von Der Bergsonne




                           Lenga's Sir Seamus von Der Del as a puppy, and Seamus as a young adult growing up

                                            Seamus as a puppy                                                     Seamus growing up


Hi Helene,

Seamus, a black and red male puppy from Zarco and Civik, is doing great. Both of his ears are up but for some reason it was down in the this picture I sent you. Both of his ears are up most of the time. I will send you a new one soon. He is so smart and such a sweet and lovable dog. He is starting to actually like the weather here in Arizona. At first he hated the heat but now he sits by the door whenever he wants to go outside to play. He is doing great with the boys, and loves to give kisses like his Sire, Zarco. We did not end up kennel him, because thanks to your early training we didn't need to. He has been so good in the house, and always sat by the door everytime he needed to go outside to relieve himself. He has the freedom of our whole house, and has never had an accident and has never been distructive in the house. Thanks again to your early training. We are still amazed at his intelligence. We get so many compliments when we take him for walks. People always say how beautiful he is and how well behaved he is. We are all very glad he is part of our family. I'm so grateful you picked him out for us. He is exactly what we were hoping for. We are so happy with him, and will be forever grateful to you for picking out such an exceptional Shepherd for us.

Best Regards,

Sarah MacDonald

Glendale, Arizona



Kommander as a puppy                              Kommander as an Adult

 Dear Helene,

Kommander came into my life in the autumn of 2008. I first saw him when he was 2 weeks old amongest his brothers and sisters snuggled up in a comfortable bed with his mother, Civik, at the breeder of Lenga's German Shepherds home in October. Lenga's German Shepherds is run by a wonderful woman named Helene Kohen. I first met Helene after my husband and I did a lot of research trying to find the perfect German Shepherd breeder to bring our new baby into our lives. Lenga's Kommander Von Walker. Kommander, who's parents are Zarco and Civik produced exactly the kind of puppy we wanted in personality, looks, color and size. At 12 weeks old he is already 30 pounds of pure German Shepherd muscle!  While getting to know Helene for the 2 years we waited for our puppy, I had the opportunity to get to know her other beautiful Shepherds, and gained even more love for this intelligent and beautiful breed, and appreciation for what a great breeder Helene truly is. I was so impressed to see the wonderful and clean living conditions that Helene offered her puppies. The training she does seems like so much work, and it reinforced my confidence in my decision of getting a puppy from her, and now I can say, Kommander was well Worth Waiting For! Kommander really shines whereever he goes. People are always complimenting him because he is so well behaved, gentle with children, and friendly with other dogs. Thanks to Helene's early training.

Not only does Kommander co-habitate with my little Chihuahua, Leia, who happens to be the boss, but also with my 5 cats. Kommander was trained in socializing. Helene came over at the beginning to teach him not to chase the cats, and it only took one lesson for him to understand, and from that time he never chases them or attacks them. He gets along perfectly with my cats, and that's saying a lot for a male German Shepherd puppy. Kommander's love for his human and canine friends and family is limitless, and although he has a strong instinct to guard and  doesn't want strangers inside the house, he is quick to love strangers who I introduce him to, and is an all-around friendly dog. I know in the short time I have had him, he has filled my life with more love and enjoyment than I could ever have imagined!

Helene was wonderful to work with. She answered any and all my questions, and still does. I would recommend a top quality puppy from Lenga's German Shepherds to anyone who is looking for a obedient, well trained, loving, healthy, confident, and happy puppy who is 100% guaranteed. Kommander is the pride of my life, and I can't imagine life without him now. If you want the best contact Helene, and you will be so happy you did. I know, I am!

You are the BEST Helene,

Hugs, Kathy Walker


Note: Kathy found out that her magnificent and amazing dog has the incrediable gift of knowing how to detect cancer in a person.

                                                                                                                   Kathy is now getting her second puppy from me


                                                Sebastion as a puppy                                              Sebastion as an adult


 Dear Helene,
This letter is a long time in coming. I met Helene at the Veterinarian Hospital when I still had my old Shepherd Kauai. Helene was very friendly and sympathetic of my old dog's old age and illness. After 6 months later when my Kauai died, I called Helene, and to my surprise she did have one male puppy from Civik left, and my daughter and I drove out to her beautiful ranch in Mountain Center, to met our beautiful Sebastion. He turned out to be exactly what I wanted and was looking for. Helene was very resourceful and came over the next morning to give me tips and a training lesson for our new puppy. Sebastion has been a very remarkable Shepherd. He was a very gentle and calm puppy, and was already potty trained at 7 weeks old, and he would sit on command. I have never had the experience or knowledge that such a young puppy could be so well trained at such a young age. Helene truly puts an incrediable amount of time and loving care into each and everyone of her puppies. At 10 months old Sebastion already got his Canine Good Citizen Certificate. He is so smart. Helene was just a phone call away with any concerns I had, at anytime. Many times  Helene would babysit Sebastion whenever I I have to go on week end trips or even on vacation. Sebastion has turned out to be everything I have ever wanted in a Shepherd. Sebastion has been a true blessing. I highly recommend Lenga's German Shepherd  puppies to anyone that wants the very best. Helene is the one to go to. Helene has been absolutely fabulous! She has always been there for me, and continues to be. I think she is one of the best breeders in the world! Anyone would be extremely lucky to be able to get one of her puppies.


Dorothy Seitz



                                                   Gillian as a puppy                                                    Gillian as an adult



"Excellent Breeder With The Highest Integrity"

Dearest Helene, You are brilliant ! You have saved our vacation ! You said you would be there for us when we needed you, and you have kept your promise to us. Gillian, that we call: Jilly is experiencing being part of a pack, and it makes sense that the time there with you will help positively in her socialization. All your dogs are delightful and magnificent. We are grateful for all the attention and love that Jilly is receiving from all of you. Thank you for your consistency and dependability. We are so grateful that you know exactly how to train and socialize the dogs, and Jilly is learning from your experience of making her feel at home. Thank you for making the safest and healthiest environment for Jilly. She is a real "big city girl", and she has had no experience of large acreage without being on a leash so she must be elated. You are the most excellent breeder with the higest integrity, and we will recommend anyone who wants the best, to get a Lenga's German Shepherd, with personality, plus.

Dr. Arnold and Mrs. Celeste Berk

Los Angeles, CA.




My name is Mike Boswith and my wife, Carol and I adopted our German Shepherd Keira from Lenga's German Shepherds. When my family decided it was time to add a member to our family, I knew that I wanted a Shepherd. We were looking for a large straight backed body type, that Helene breeds. We searched the internet, the classifieds, and visited local breeders, but none turned out to have the exceptional Shepherds that Helene raises. When we met Helene, toured her home based operation and met her dogs, we knoew we had found the right breeder.

We didn't take a puppy home that day. While other breeders often have puppies ready to go, Helene's pups are in such great demand that there is a waiting list. Waiting is always hard, but this was an excellent time for preparation for my family. Helene kept us informed of the progress and when the pups were born, she emailed lot of pictures. Living in the area we were able to visit the puppies at 4 weeks old. The were all big boned, healthy and beautiful puppies.

Helene will match you up with the puppy that she thinks will meet your expectations. That was new to me, as in the past I had always choosen the puppy. But Helene has been breeding a long time, and follows up on her dogs. So very early on she knews the temperament that would best suit our family. Helene knew exactly what we wanted and hoped for. Helene did a great job. Helene keeps in regular contact with us. She is extremely knowledgable in every facet of caring and  training Keira and quickly responds to any questions we may have, and still does. She is an expert, and loves what she does, and we could see and feel the passion she has for her dogs and puppies. The best recommendation I can give is that we intend to get another puppy from Helene. I say without hesitation that if Helene chooses you to adopt one of her puppies, you will be hard pressed to find a better opportunity. We couldn't be more satisfied, and are totally delighted and happy with our Keira. She was the pick of her litter and have decided to breed her when she turns 2 years old and after she is OFA Certified, and Helene will keep her at her ranch to care for the puppies.

Warmest regards,

Mike and Carol Boswith

714-842-7886  - Carol - Mike



                       Halo as a puppy


                                                           Halo as an Adult

  Dear Helene,

To anyone contemplating a German Shepherd puppy. Helene is a dedicated breeder, true to the breed characteristics of a GSD. I ws searching for a long time before I found Lenga's German Shepherds. I wanted a puppy with a great temperament, stability, large size, and to be confidend and loving. As I have two small children, and these traits were very important to me. I waited six months, with constant communication with emails and pictures from Helene, who kept me up on speed every step of the way. Well, let me tell you, it was worth the wait! I  received Halo in September of 2008. She is everything I hoped for and more! She is calm, loving, eager to please, with almost human intelligence. She is awesome with my children, and has especially boned with my two year old. They are inseparable now. I was skeptical buying a puppy without doing it in person, but Helene takes the time to keep you informed answering any questions you may have right away. One thing for sure.....There are too few breeders out here like Helene. I am so pleased with my decision to get a puppy from Lenga's German Shepherds, and can't wait to get another puppy from Helene in the future.

Thank you, Helene for all your dedication to the breed adn for being such an outstanding breeder!


Traci Chakra

Concord, North Carolina


 Dear Helene, Sadie is now 5 months old, and is such a good dog. She passed her puppy class with flying colors, and has started her next obedience class. Your puppy has lived up to your reputation. Sadie is so smart and catches on so quickly. She is brave, loving and the best possible pet. We have 5 grandchildren, and she is gentle with them, and full of fun. Her colors are beautiful, and her ears have been standing erect since she as 10 weeks old. When I took her for her visit to the Vet last time, she asked me where I got Sadie, and I told her: Lenga's German Shepherds in Mountain Center, right above Palm Desert, CA. She remarked that she knew she wasn't from a local breeder as she has seen German Shepherds coming in with health problems and problems with their ears, and ankle issues. That was just one more commend that reinforced our feelings that we have a superior dog. Thank you for contributing such wonderful German Shepherds when there are many breeders out there that don't care like you do. Also, thank you for being such a constant sourcce of advice and support. You have been so supportive and that is rare. Our trainer asked me many questions about our breeder and when I was finished, answered: "You got an excpetional breeder. She didn't have to tell me, I knew! Thanks Helene, you have wonderful dogs and one of these days, Sadie will need a brother or a sister, and when she does, you will be the person we contact. Thank you so much, Ruth and George Narancic San Jose, CA.


   Dear Helene ,

Kim just turned 1 years old, and she is all that we expected in a German Shepherd. She is a female puppy from Keira and Champion Lorien's Patron. She now weighs 80 pounds, and getting bigger everyday. She has a wonderful dispostion around other people, children and other dogs. She loves to be near our baby. She is doing great walking on the leash, and walks nicely beside us without pulling, and is so well behaved. She loves to ride in the car, and always anxious to go for rides with us.

Kim as you know is our second Shepherd, and is exactly what you promised us in color, size, and personality. Thank you so much, Helene. You know how upset and heart-broken we were when we lost our other German Shepherd at 12 years old, and Kim has more than filled our requirements for a loving and affectionate Shepherd. You have kept all your promises about her wonderful personality and temperament.  You are the best breeder, and I feel that anyone that would be lucky enough to get one of your puppies, would be very lucky and  privledged . Your puppies are certaninly worth waiting for. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true.

Best Regards,

Richard Carpenter




From: Frank & Pamela []
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2010 4:41 PM
To: Helene
Subject: Re: Letter of recommendatio

June 6, 2011

Written by Frank & Pamela Van Horn

                  4228 Highlander Avenue

                  Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406



My husband and I waited twenty-two years to get our second German Shepherd.  Helene's website was so impressive and well done.  After viewing it, you had a good feeling about Lenga's German Shepherds and the environment her puppies were cared for.  We contacted Helene and she was prompt in responding to all our emails.  She was receptive to our many questions and encouraged correspondence.  From the time we decided to adopt our now five month old "Cash", Helene sent email photos regularly and updates on the progress the puppies were making.  We can't tell you how much we looked forward to these emails each day.  Helene is one in a million!  She is a wonderful breeder.  She has credibility and truly cares about her dogs.  She continues to give support and guidence after her puppies are adopted.  We have called upon her expertise with training questions since receiving Cash.  She truly wants the best for her puppies and she wants the new owners to strive to train their puppy to be the best.  Our Cash is a healthy, smart, and beautiful black and red girl.  We have received so many positive comments on what a pretty German Shepherd she is and that she is getting prettier as she matures.  Now at five months, Cash weighs forty pounds. 


My husband and I are so thankful that we found Helene and now love one of her wonderful German Shepherds.  Thank you, Helene, for this brown-eyed companion that has entwined herself into our hearts and lives. 

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.  We will be happy to assist you in any manner we can. 


Frank and Pamela Van Horn


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