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Lenga's Grand Zarco Vonhaus

Lenga's German Shepherds
Located in Southern California

Phone: (951) 659-0719 / Fax: 659-0260



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                                                                         AKC/OFA-Good   Lenga's Copper Moon Von Walker

                                                                Stud Fee:  $1,500.00

                                                                Or pick of the litter

    I am very happy to announce that 3 of my male German Shepherds have come into my  breeding program.  Cooper's Sire is Lenga's Riley and his Dam is Lenga's Jasmine, who is OFA Certified with Excellent hips and normal elbows.  Cooper is very experienced. Also you have a choice between Sajan and Jaeger. Will produce very red puppies, no matter what the color of the female is. Maybe one back and  tan. His personality is sweet, loving,  gentle, calm, confident, playful, outgoing, and eager to please. Qualities he will pass on to his puppies. I will not charge you a penny if he does not have a tie with your female. He is large boned, and I predict he will be over 100 pounds. He has a straight back and a short smooth coat.  He can be bred at Helene's ranch in Mountain Center. (Southern California) If you are out of state, I can also ship his sperm to your vet. I have done this successfully before that produced healthy puppies. Cooper was the pick of his litter by Riley and Jasmine. He has no faults. Instead of stud fee, I would prefer to get pick male puppy.

Copper also has extreme intelligence, and I just need to show him once what I expect and he obeys and understands. He will produce big, strong, healthy puppies with great personalities.




                                                                                          AKC/OFA      Lenga's Jaeger Von Dietrich

                                                          Stud fee: $1,500.00

                                                             Or pick of the litter




      AKC Registered and OFA pre-lim Certified with Good Hips.  Jaeger is a large boned, black and red stud dog with a  straight back. He is outgoing, gentle, playful confident, and loving. Ready for any activity you have planed for him.  He loves children and is calm around them. Loves to play ball. 

Jaeger is from Bella and Riley. Will produce gorgeous black and red puppies and black and tan, too

When picking out the Pick of the Litter, I would give the puppies their personality, temperament and aptitude test to determine which is the pick of the litter with all the qualities of a Lenga puppy

I would pick up my puppy early to socialize him, with other people, children and other dogs, to bring out a sweet, loving, gentle, friendly, confident, and sociable puppy.



                                                AKC/OFA-Good  Lenga's Special Sajan Del Derhaus

                                                            Stud fee: $1,500.00

                                                            Or pick of the litter

 Sajan, one of my gorgeous black and red stud dogs has just entered my breeding program.  Sajan just produced 10 big, strong, and healthy puppies

If you want really red puppies, he will produce them for your female, that everyone wants. No matter what color she is. You will also have one or two black and tan puppies. He is from  Lenga's Bella and Lenga's Riley. Both are OFA Certified with good hips. Both are licensed Service Dogs. With a sweet,  affectionate, confident, playful and gentle, that has been passed on to Sajan, and he will pass it on to his puppies. I will guarantee personality, cause I will test out the puppies personality before I pick up. Hips and health are guaranteed. Can't go wrong with a Lenga puppy. Your choice of size, color, and exactly the kind of personality you want to have for your dream puppy. I will pick up early to bring out the best there is in this litter. Will be given their puppy shots, before they go home to the new owner.





                                                 Lenga's Von Riley Der Beschutzer   retired

                                      AKC/OFA Certified with Good Hips

I have used Riley a lot with my females, because of his excellent longevity health and life. I love his personality. He is sweet, gentle, calm, affectionate, playful, and extremely intelligent, and a tremendous ability to bond, that he passes on to his puppies. He is big boned, straight back, and a gorgeous deep black and red. Riley is also a licensed Service Dog.  Riley has been breeding for 8 years.                            Riley is retired now. Good news is that some of his top quality puppies are in my breeding program. Riley is retired now, and working as a full time service dog.










                                                                                                  Lenga's Legend Zarco Jr Delder Royal  retired

                                                        AKC/OFA-GOOD & ELBOWS/CGC/TT/DNA

                                                                  Zarco is retired, and his son, Tino is taking over.

                                           Zarco has already produced 18 litters of big,

                                           strong, healthy and  beautiful puppies.   

                                           Zarco has a personable, loving, gentle and calm disposition

                                                    Zarco is OFA Certified with good hips and elbows.

                                           Zarco also has his Canine Good Citizen and his

                                           Temperament Certificate and is DNA Certified.

                                 Zarco is also registered with the US Animal Registry

                                   As a Service Dog. His registered number is: HL737376


               Zarco is a proven stud and has already produced 18 litters of big, strong,  healthy and gorgeous puppies. Zarco is personable, loving, gentle, calm, affectionate, and very confident. Qualities he passes on to his puppies. He especially loves children and puppies. He is friendly and sociable. OFA Certified with good hips and normal elbows. He produces puppies with gentle and calm personalities that make great service dogs and Therapy Dogs

Zarco is a black and red short coat that hardly sheds. Zarco is 110 pounds of pure muscle. Zarco has produced puppies with Excellent hips.






                                                                                                            Here are some of Zarco's puppies



                                                                                    Lenga's Majestic Von Red Houdini - Retired

                                                    AKC/OFA with good hips and elbows/CGC/TT/DNA

                                               This is the kind of puppies Zarco produces

                                                Also has his Temperament Certificate & is DNA Certified.

                                                  AKC and OFA Certified with good hips and elbows.

                                             Also has his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.

                                          Houdini is a Zarco puppy.



                        Houdini has a very sweet, gentle, calm, lovable, affectionate, personable,

                          outgoing, playful, fearless, and confident personality.

                         Houdini is 105 pounds Is also a Service Therapy Dog

                          These are the kind of puppies Zarco produces.






                                                                                     Here are some puppies by Houdini








    Other stud dogs may enter Lenga's breeding program by calling: 951-659-0719

   Or e-mail me at:   (Make sure it is not you are writing to. No longer with verizon.





                                                                   Here are some black and red puppies from Zarco Jr.













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