Lenga's Photo Gallery


Zarco's Photo Page
with some of his puppies

                                                                                                                                         First Generation

 Lenga's Grand Zarco Vonhaus 

Zarco had an outgoing, friendly, lovable, affectionate,
and very confident personality.

 This is Zarco as a puppy.

Zarco inside with the other dogs


 Zarco sitting in his own easy chair

 Zarco Herding the sheep


 Zarco with his favorite female, Civik

 This is Zarco growing up with Karma


 Zarco as a little puppy with his Dam

Zarco inside the house

Here are some of Zarco Puppies


 Zarco getting First Place

Zarco at one year old



Zarco with his puppy Kommander - 9 weeks old

                           Kommander at one year old

             PIck of the litter by Zarco and Civik


 Zarco laying down and Civik sitting up

Kommander at 2 years old relaxing on his sofa


 Kommander as a puppy

 Lenga's Bona as a puppy

Big dark faced male pup from Zarco

Lenga's Seamus growing up

Lenga's Zambuka with friend

This is Ziva and Xina, two sisters from Zarco

Lenga's Xina and Lenga's Sophie


                                                        Lenga's Jilet and                                                                 Lenga's Serenity


This is Lenga's Sophie.

This is sweet & gentle Bono as a puppy

 This is Kommander's sweet face as an adult 

 Lenga's Tiberius growing up

 Lenga's Sadie as a puppy 

Lenga's Dixie as a puppy being held and loved


                                                                                                                          Second Generation

                                    It's like I never lost Zarco Sr. Because his puppy Zarco Jr has his wonderful personality,

                                               of  color and size, and personality of  his sire, Zarco Sr.

                Zarco has already produced 18 litters of big, strong, gorgeous, and healthy puppies.



                                  Zarco loves children and babies, and is so gentle and calm around them.


                         Can you see the gentleness in his eyes

                                                                                              Here are some of Zarco Jr. puppies















                                                                                                           Third Generation



             AKC/OFA-H & E/CGC/DNA        Lenga's Majestic Von Red Houdini - Retired


                                    Houdini at 4 months old                                                                        Houdini at 6 months old

                            Houdini at one year old                                                                          Houdini at one & half years old


                                        Houdini is a Therapy Dog                                                        Houdini with Annika relaxing inside


                  Houdini is very gentle and calm around puppies.                                              All the puppies love Houdini



                                                                               Here are 2 male puppies by Houdini


                                              Fourth Generation - Lenga's Majestic Joy Von Serenity
                                                                                Joy's future puppies will be coming soon


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